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Nov. 7, 1997


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Smart kid, Jenni



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Around 5'7

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Brown and Curly

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Gina (Mother), Tony (Father), Michelle (Sister), Rich and Ralph (Brothers)

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Cherry wood, 13', Dragon Heartstring


Bottlenose Dolphin


3rd year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry




Diaz Family

About Me

Ello! I'm Jenni and I recently became a huge fan of the Harry Potter series! I read the actual books a few years ago, but at the time I didn't really care much for wizards. Now I've seen all the movies (besides Deathly Hallows) and I'm really excited about the conclusion of the series.

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History and more about First, Second, and current Third Year

"You are very intellectual and witty, and prefer to keep to would do quite well in...RAVENCLAW!"

—The Sorting Hat

I was born to human parents Gina and Tony Diaz as Jennifer Diaz and had three siblings, older brothers Rich and Ralph, and younger sister Shelle. We grew up together in New York and eventually my brothers went off to college. By now, I was about seven years old and my powers had started showing. My mother and father were concerned at first, but eventually realized I had a gift. My sister was proud of me, as were my brothers. By 2010, I was eleven and recieved a letter from Hogwarts. Off I went and was sorted into Ravenclaw. Towards the middle of my second year in 2011, I had become a prefect and was especially skilled in Astronomy and Potions. I was a rather quiet and intelligent girl, and although I was shy I managed to befriend Anastasia Rulle, and Mirabella Lase. Now I am thirteen in my third year and am a bit more outgoing.

First Year

Not much happened in my first year. I was extra quiet and did not speak, and I only befriended one half-blood wizard whom I loved like a brother; Roy Samuel White. He was a Gryffindor. I also began to excel in Potions around the beginning of the year.

Second Year

Mirabella: "Why, I do believe we've become the greatest friends!"

Jennifer: "I couldn't agree more!"

Anastasia: "We should call ourselves the Three Musketeers!"

—Jennifer, Mirabella, and Anastasia decide on a name for their trio.

Second year was a tad more eventful. I began to talk more with my roomates, Mirabella and Anastasia. We eventually began to call ourselves the three musketeers, and were very close. We still are. Towards the end of the year, Roy dissappeared. The new headmaster, Diana MonDragon, chose one person from each house to form a search party that would look for Roy. Me, Luke from Hufflepuff house, Valda from Slytherin, and Dominick from Gryffindor were chosen, as we were required to be able to cast a Patronus in order to go on this mission. Mine was a Bottlenose Dolphin. We returned from this quest empty-handed physically, but not mentally. We discovered that Roy had been taken by an evil group of Pure-bloods who did not believe there was any good in the existence of half-bloods. They called themselves the Agency Against Half Bloods. They offered Valda a chance to join them, and she accepted. Dominck told her she shouldn't have done that, and that she would be arrested. In response, she killed him. Me and Luke reported back to Hogwarts with Dominick's body, so he could have a proper burial. The rest of my year was uneventful. Mirabella and Anastasia were very sorry for me, and I returned home at the end of the year.

Third Year

Jennifer: "You want to go to the Yule Ball with me?"

Sal Astrid, Slytherin student and school bully: "Yes. So what do you say?"

Jennifer: "With the likes of you? Never, you're too cruel to others!"

Sal: "Maybe I am, but I like you a lot! Please reconsider, I can be very nic-"

Jennifer: "Forget it, Sal. I don't trust you, nor do I trust your other Slytherin friends. Why, wasn't it just last year your best friend Valda turned on the whole school? Who's to say she hasn't had an influence on you? And haven't you almost been sent to Azkaban for crimes beyond me? Get out of my sight, you pathetic worm. Before I cast a curse on you."

—Jennifer overdoes it when she rejects Sal Astrid.

I returned to Hogwarts for third year a little more outgoing. I had hope -and I still do- that I'd rescue Roy. I gained another two roomates, Kyla Rouge and Quinsy Price. They were stuck-up and snooty, and I personally believed the Sorting Hat had chosen incorrectly for these two. They belong in Slytherin. The Triwizard Tournament will start soon. I signed up, but I wasn't picked. The person chosen from the Durmstrang Institute was a boy by the name of Atwood Avalon. Poor lad. I figured he must be made fun of for his name. From the Beuxbatons Academy, Zoe Benoit. And from our very own Hogwarts, Liam McPike of Gryffindor. So far, the Beauxbatons Academy is winning the tournament. Everyone is encouraging Liam to try harder. Not me, though. I don't want to pressure the boy after what happened to his close friend Dominick. The Yule Ball will take place soon, and so far I've been asked by two people; one Slytherin and a Hufflepuff. Disgusting, dirty, filthy Slytherin. Sweet, kind, generous Hufflepuff. The first was Sal Astrid, a horrid student with a bad reputation in the Slytherin house. The second was Luke Owens, the Hufflepuff who fought by my side on the mission in Second Year, and also the one who protected me from Valda's attacks. I think you know very well who I decided to go with.

Luke: "Hey, Jenn. I'd like to ask you something."

Jennifer: "Oh, hello, Luke. What is it you'd like to ask?"

Luke: "Will...would you like to go to the Yule Ball with me?"

Jennifer: "I thought you'd never ask!"

—Jennifer is overjoyed when Luke asks her to the Ball.

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