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Kaitlin Malfoy

aka Jennifer Louise Leigh Mullen

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Caitln Malfoy
Biographical information

22 September 1987 Malfoy Manor Wiltshire



Blood status


Marital status

Reletionship With

Ronald Billus Weasley (Partner)

Harry James Potter(Partner)

Also known as

Evil Witch Nimueh


Hier Of Slytherin


Caitlin Malfoy

Physical information





5 foot 10

Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Draco Malfoy Brother

Lucius Malfoy Dad

Narcissa Malfoy nee Mam

Scorpios Malfoy Son

Magical characteristics





Elder Wand









Malfoy Family

Back family


About Villian

14 year old Caitlin Amelia Marie Malfoy played by Jenna Mullen                                                                   

poses as a Student -Witch at hogwarts school Sorted in Slytherin Intruding Caitlin is main Antagonist Well like by another People around her Caitlin as most powerful powers of Invisibility Super strength The ability to change the past It was another way round This time travel back in time to near past She escaped from Azkaban Prison on the run for murder Character she gose though she is outcast Character who comes in to the series as one of the she comes in to the film as she part of a wizard Family but she dose not know where she belonged in the world with after Voldemort downfall a new Antagonist was born to force to take over Famly background Malfoys were her biological family she as a older Brother Draco Malfoy and her Parents were Narcissa and her mother was the sister of her aunt Bellatrix she was the New Owner of his dairy when she tell the truth when She sleepwalks

Education: she loved Defence of the Dark Arts but one day come a Deatheater she always top of the class and punctual she always on time for the class start and to set up before teacher Personality was good she was a smart person she is out going she just young normal teenager and loves get down Dirty with men she is a good friend when a lot of things happen to her when gose wrong Likes boys specially Harry Potter and his friend Ron Weasley Flying on a broomstick calling students mud-bloods like her brother dose dislikes of Muggles Mudbloods James's Army

How different is my evil Character

now Find out that Malfoys wear her parents she cast spell drons out her bad side to a Dark Sandow Deatheater In the dark wears black cloak out for Ravage Try to take over both Takes over Hogwarts with Centaurs Ghosts Vampires Werewolves Trolls Deatheater Dementors And some Challenges she faces Committed Crimes As Dark Mark

Character Traits Key Character Traits                                                                                       

Liked Imitated Praised Envied Feared Trusted Boredom Cold Hunger Loneliness Being ignored Ordinary Ignorant Cowardly Selfish Love Glory Wisdom Power evil

What is the Principal Function of this Character?


What is the Goal of this Character

Find out that Malfoys wear her parents out for Revage Try to take over both worlds Comitted Crimes To killing so many wizard familes and muggles to seduced Harry and Ron for reavege stalks her female victims Ginny and Hermione and blackmail them about husbands affairs Kidnaps abduct Ginny and Hermione She murder Molly and Arthur Weasley Petunia and Durley were killed in a car crash she lures Albus and Rose accidentley in Slytherin

What is the Character's plan to achieve the goal?

totake them for ride of there lives and but them in so much more danger and for the just live a deadly game she plays with them to show long how there got left to loss

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