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I don't Like Harry Potter both, the series and the character, I know the idiot writter (not author) JoKeR totally rippped off The Worst Witch and Wizard's Hall, the concepts of an School For Wizards were made by Ursula Le Guin creator of The Earthsea novel series and the conteporary fantasy exists since long before.

See also

  • Unseen University- School for wizards created by Terry Pratchet during the 80's
  • Mss. Cackle's Witchcraft Academy- Another school created by Jill Murphy during the mid 70's from which many character were borrowed to write the first potter books
  • Wizard's Hall book about a boy who is told during his 11th birthday he is a wizards and he must go to the wizard's hall to study wizardry, he is the subject of a prophecy in which he defeats a Dark Wizard, the headmaster trains an special group of students to fight him and stop the giant monster the dark lord realeased from the deeps of a secret chamber, all this written by Jane Yolen and published before 1991...
  • Books of Magic- A comic book about a boy who at his 11 birthday also discovers he is a wizard and starts to study magic, owns an owl and have round shaped glasses... published during the late 80's

"The originality of ms. Rowling is overrated, she probably have at least a talent but originality is not one of them..." Ursula Le Guin on JoKeR

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