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August 13, 2008

Hi everybody!!! This my user page!!!

About Me!

Username: ilovesingeclaw546
First: Domenica
Background: 50% italian, 25% slovakian,
Religion: Catholic
Fave Color: Orange
Fave Drink: Orangeade
Fave Food: Lasagna and bologna
Fave Shows: Total Drama Island, The Simpsons, George Lopez, Mythbusters, ummm.....
Fave Movies: Hercules, Rock a doodle, The Sixth Sense, Hairspray umm...
Fave Books: The Clique (all), Warriors (all), Maximum Ride (all), Percy Jackson and the Olympians (all), Harry Potter (all)
Fave animals: ducks, turles, lions, elephants, cats, walruses
Sayings: "Walrus!", "Japoopie!", "When the going gets tough, finish your soup", "I like the fair".
Friends: Amanda, Rebecca, Talia, Brian, Matt, Chelsea, Alexander, Rachel, Fatima, Rachel, Erica, and many more!

Harry Potter

I have to say, Order Of the Phoenix is my fave. I dont know why. I just wuv it. Yo.

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