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Ilionej Yulanda Nephredinja


Biographical information

Between 1990 and 1995


many times, supposedly

Blood status

it flows

Also known as

Sandra F. Hammer


anything as long as it isn't insulting or against my moral

Physical information




Hair colour


Eye colour

will ensnare your senses

Skin colour


Family information
Family members

too many

Magical characteristics

Is that really necessary?


Dementor, most likely. But there are various possibilities.


Brass, aereal core




you'll know soon enough


housing estate



Ghosts are transparent and Edwin's mother is innocent. Basta.




Favorite method for survival

Abilities and skills

  • Wandless and non-verbal magic: She is known for successfully working the Confundus Charm on men; and sometimes women as well; without the use of a wand or incantation while speaking with them or simply making eye contact. To a certain extent she has influence on technical devices such as trafic lights, computers or lamps.
  • Art: Experiences and even serious accomplishments in various kinds of art rank among things she is proud of. Though which is a bane may also be a bone.
  • Spelling: Utter correctness on this field is often felt unnerving by her victims, sometimes being herself even.
  • Creation of words: Often based on logic, sometimes on mood, she successfully invented a signifficant number of words in German and English. This has happened unintentionally in other languages.
  • Spell creation: As with words of regular language, she also invented several functional spells, basically for locking and unlocking doors.
  • Love: She nourishes deep unconditional love for a certain person. For the welfare of both and many others, this person shall not be named anywhere in connection with her and this emotion. Though unable to fully show, she also is exceptionally drawn to existing as well as fictional beings and nearly dies if there is any harm inflicted on those.
  • Interconnection: No matter what, no matter when, no matter how much out of context, she can allways work it into the most appalling directions.
  • Elocution: Should magic not work, she skips to purely verbal bewitchment. Talking several minuts long is no challenge for her and through her talent with words she can bind her listeners `before they can say Quidditch´.
  • Cogency: Constant persuassion is one of her strengths. Everyone has a breaking point.
  • Unnervingness: There have been records of several casualities on the behalf.
  • Secrecy: There are countless matters she can take to her - or anyone else's - grave. And if it is some of her own abilities.



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