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Brazilian user, fan of the series since he read Philosopher's Stone in 2000. After it, I bought the following two the same year, and the fourth in 2001. Then, a two year-interval of waiting for the next book, three times(even though some rushed compatriots were getting the books - or even worse, badly done bootleg translations - in the internet, particularly of the last 2; the damn internet also helped me to get some events of HBP and DH spoiled). So far, read the first four books 4 times, OOTP twice (and the second was a huge effort), HBP thrice and DH twice. Also own the three spin-off books (Fantastic Creatures and Quidditch are hilarious!), and seen every film on the opening day. Add this to my Wikipedia experience, and I'm probably a fan who can help this wiki (I've already did a huge article by myself!).

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