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Herbology!! The best subject!!

About me

            I am a 15 year old high school student. I am in 10th grade and trying to get ready for college, even if it is early. I am funny, kind, love protecting people; help people, smart, trustworthy, and somewhat shy, when it comes to girls.

          I have always loved science and planning on going to college for either Plant Biology or Genetics. But i also change my mind a lot so who knows! I saw the 6th Harry Potter Movie and decided to read the books, which i did in one summer. I loved them and got addicted to the whole thing. I know a lot about the Harry Potter Universe and this wiki just gives me more knowledge

          I also love love love reading fan fiction. My favorite pairing is Ron/Hermione. I started reading that pairing but then i branched off of that and read other love/hate pairings. But it’s been a year and i went back to Harry Potter. The 7th movie was a big cause of that. If anyone has any good fan fictions with Ron/Hermione then tell me! I would love to read it! 

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