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May 2, 2010

Hey. I'm a Harry Potter nerd, hence the meaning of my user name. I come on here because I'm writing a Knock-Off of the Harry Potter series, but please, to all those who think the first book of the HP series is called the freaking Philosipher's Stone, do NOT talk to me. It's the effing Sorcerer's Stone, bimbos.

So, I bet you think I'm a ---, or just an insane Harry Potter freak for saying this?

Well I can be, but only when I'm pissed. And no, I do not thrive on the mere mention of the Harry Potter books, I do have a life. I have friends I hang out with at the mall practically every weekend, I have an awesome family, I love my school (not the education, of course, but the hanging out with my friends is awesome), I'm going to be in Musical Theatre next year, and around the school I'm known to be wild and happy, which I very much am, and certainly not a ---.

So sorry for acting like a --- on my homepage. I'm not, really, its just I thought maybe some weirdos thought it'd be funny to mess with the title as a 'joke'. If that's the case, then really, how stupid can those people get? That is so preschool I can just see a bunch of kids, sitting at their computer chair's typing in the Philosipher's Stone and going, "Te-he, we are so cool and funny!" when in reality, they're just a bunch of babies with no life. :)

In conclusion, sorry all my HP friends for going ---y on you. I had to edit the Philosipher --- and wasn't in the mood.

Asta! Luv ya!

HPNerd 19:09, May 2, 2010 (UTC)HPNerd

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