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  • I live in Jedi temple,Triple Zero
  • My occupation is Jedi, Padawan
  • I am Female

I luv HP!!!

I luv HP! My fav characters r: Ron, Hermoine, Professor flitwick, HEDWIG!!, Dumbledore, Luna Lovegood, NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM!!!, Fred and George, Tonks, Professor Moody, MALFOY!!!

abt me

i am a very LOUD person once u get 2 know me.i luv D.I.Y beauty treatments,SHOPPING,sushi,smoothies,acting,make-up/hair,fashion,and hanging out w/ my style is very girly and i luv anything vintage or Japanese fave colors and hot pink and aqua.cupcakes 4ever!!!

kewl quotes

shoot 4 the moon and even if u miss you will land among the stars.-Albert Einstein,

we are all taking it 1 day at a time because that is how time works-? i wish i had said this tho:),

always behave as though nothing has happened,no matter what has happened-Arnold Bennet

I not ARGUING I'm just EXPLAINING y I'm right-??

kewl stuff

Harry potter,star wars,AND the hunger games all in one smart!

I also hv a purple light saber,won the 67 hunger games,and am in Ravenclaw house.


OMG they r SO awesome and SO talented!!!!and funny!!!! "NO!!" jimmy protested.-Louis Tomlinson

More awesomeness!

im also a Christian and very proud of it :).

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