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April 8th 1990

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Dirty blonde

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Being told a family member has died


Holly, Phoenix feather, 10 in.




The Real Me

Hi, I'm T.J. but you can call me Teej; many people do. I'm a great swimmer, artist & cook & I can imitate the voices of cartoon characters & real people extremely well. I've been able to for, about, most of my life. My favorite color is Green. I also LOVE the Grouches from Sesame Street. I even celebrate National Grouch Day like the Grouches every October 15th. My favorite Grouches of all are Oscar the Grouch and his girlfriend Grundgetta. I'm a very big fan of Harry Potter; I've seen all the films to date & I can't wait for the final movie!! I've been on this Wiki for almost 2 years. My specialty is gettin rid of redirects w/ the | button. I've gotten rid of redirects with the | key on many other Wikis as well. I'm also an administrator and bureaucrat on the Grouches Wiki. So if anybody ever has a question about that or anything please feel free to leave a message on my talk page and I'll respond to it A.S.A.I.C. (as soon as I can).

The Fictional Me

GrouchMan is a Pure-blood wizard who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Gryffindor. He was also a Grouch born into a fairly rare pure-blood Grouch family and was born as Oscar the Grouch II named after his uncle, that true rotten legend, Oscar the Grouch of Sesame Street. Oscar and his identical twin brother Travis the Grouch were accepted at Hogwarts, despite the obvious fact that they weren't human. He soon became better known as GrouchMan at school, but he became Scar the Grouch after receiving a scar across his left eye after a tragic Grouch petting zoo accident. But, nevertheless, he's still GrouchMan. At school, he also met a Grouch girl who was actually equally grouchy whose name was Grundgetta. She became GrouchGal shortly after that. Travis, soon after, met her identical twin sister Toxica. Not too long after they graduated Scar and Grungie became Grouch boyfriend and girlfriend, as did their siblings. They call each other Oskie and Grungie, but Grungie still goes by GrouchGal. However, shortly after graduation, Scar and Travis' parents, Oswaldo the Grouch and Trashy the Grouch, the brother of Oscar and sister of Oscar's girlfriend, Grundgetta, were killed in a terrible car accident. Scar and Travis, right after that, moved into their Uncle Oscar's trash can on Sesame Street, so now their Aunt Grundgetta, helps Oscar to protect and take amazing care of their orphaned nephews. Now, all Scar, Grungie, Travis and Toxica do all day is tell other people to scram and argue.

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I managed to take the article Snidget redirect page and turn it into a regular article about the Wizard rock band, which is a take-off of the Golden Snidget, the "ancestor" of the Golden Snitch. I also did the same thing to the Roonil Wazlib and Wingardium Leviosa redirect pages. I've also managed to take the Peverell brothers redirect page and turn it into a disambiguation page. I've also created several user pages and user talk pages that haven't been created yet.

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