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Call me Gojirob, a mix of my own name and Godzilla's. I'm not the HP fan some are, but I definitely am one, and hope to add what I can. On other fronts, I admin the wiki for the dark manga/anime Elfen Lied, which has at least a few themes in common with this series, though to be clear, it is a mature-only series that does not skimp or euphemize the violence. To give perspective, after my own and the contributions of a great many others, the EL Wiki has 250+ articles---or roughly 1/40th of the amount this Wiki has. I'm most impressed by the 'event-driven' articles on this Wiki. Those who have given here have cause to be proud, and should take a bow. I am also an Admin on a more general Ani-manga wiki, covering those series that don't have wikis of their own.

I've begun to organize my HP fic under the banner of 'Harry Potter And The Crazy Eighth', focusing on the transitional year or so following the end of the war, and what victory means, including making harsh choices and stupid mistakes. I'm keeping to boring old canon, at least as far as a fic writer can. So far, I've written one short and four chapters of a much longer piece featuring Neville.

Among the highlights :

  • Through deaths and retirements, the school's staff has been devastated. Four of our heroes step up to become new instructors; only one makes it in.
  • Harry cannot yet become an Auror, for logistical reasons. He is accepting of this, but restive.
  • Ron finds that his family's losses have left him 'promoted' in their eyes, a fact he is not entirely comfortable with.
  • The spectral population at Hogwarts has vanished altogether.
  • Seven people deep within the Ministry were revealed as moles during the takeover. Kingsley and Harry both believe there was an eighth who never declared their true allegiance, and our heroes plus a heart-broken former villain are on their list.

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