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August 1, 2005
Ginny Weasley
Gender Female
Date of birth July 18
House Gryffindor, because I don't work hard enough for Hufflepuff
Occupation Snogging/Editor
Parentage Pure-Blood
Loyalty Proud member of the D.A.
First appearance Beginning of August, 2005

Hi, I'm Ginny Weasely. You may know me from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books. I'm a cool kid. Plus...I snog almost everyone! Just kidding. But not really.

You may know my brother, Ron Weasley. He's a good enough guy I suppose, but his best friend is amazing.

I also secretly have a jones for Lord Voldemort. Hahaha, I'm just joking. But not really.

Yes, sadly I will be breaking from Harry Potter Wiki soon. I will only have a small chance to get online from August 15 - August 26, but nevertheless, the Chamber of Secrets calls...Ginny Weasley 16:05, 9 Aug 2005 (UTC)

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