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September 14, 2009

                                           ALL ABOUT ME

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Hey! I've made an account because I obviously love Harry Potter and Ginny, and enjoy discussing the fictional world. I started this account on September 13th 2009, and my birthday is August 15. I don't have much to talk about right now, but I will definately try to add as much as I can, so check in often :).

What do I look like?

Early today (September 29th 2009) I was jokingly told that someone thought I beautiful eyes. I went to gym and asked my friend what she thought of them, and she compared them to Lily Evan's, although mine were brown. I thought that was sweet, how someone not only remember the desctiption of her eyes, but compared them to mine!

I have brown hair, although somethimes it looks like it has a faint tint of auburn. I never dyed it, but it is in layers and I have sidebangs that need to be cut again sometime soon...


I'm very shy when you first get to meet me, but after a while you'll start to realize I get a bit physcotic =) I'm smart; I've been getting all A's for 4 years, and I'm desperate to make the ones I have now improve. In fact right now I should probably do my homework...

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