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July 20, 2009
Hi everyone!I'm Katie and i love Harry Potter. My favorite characters are Siruis and Hermoine.My least favorite character is Bellatrix because her evil
Hermiona w HP i ZF

My favorite character

laugh creeps me the heck out and Malfoy because he's such a meanie to my favorite character. I also hope to help out with some of my knowledge of harry potter movies.I also want a lot more about the horcrax things.They seem like the coolest things in Harry Potter. And if i was a character in harry potter i'd be Hermoine cause i'm a know-it-all and won't break the rules much unless it is for a friend. And my favorite scenes in Harry potter are when Malfoy gets slapped by Hermoine,when Harry jumps in the fire,and when malfoy gets turned into a weasel.

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