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March 22, 2010
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February 17 1980

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Kerr Kaw

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Nerd. Oh wait, he's a full-time one!


Everyone discovering his secret...


Professor McGonagall's and Professor Snape's from the Noble Collection.


Would be in Ravenclaw.



Hello <insert name here>! This is the wonderful profile of Evil_Genius77, a user obsessed with Lucius Malfoy! (For other userboxes, see below.) He also runs a site called Bookshelf Fantastica ([2]), which is a site about Harry Potter and other fantasy books. It has a Harry Potter RPG which takes place one year after the Second Wizarding War. Evil_Genius77 is Kerr Kaw, Voldemort's first year half-brother. Voldemort is now alive again! (He faked his death because he had a secret 9th Horcrux.) Lastly, he does not know why he is talking in the third person.

Hp7 This user read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in its entirety the day it came out.
Tales of Beedle the Bard This user loves to read The Tales of Beedle the Bard.
Goblet fire cover This user's favourite book is Goblet of Fire.
Tt0241527 largeCover This user's favourite movie is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
G final This user supports Gryffindor.
Hufflepuff™ Quidditch™ Badge This user is a fan of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team.
O This user earned an Outstanding on their Harry Potter characters O.W.L.
Hogsmeade High St This user wants to live in Hogsmeade.
Em1 This user thinks the casting for the Harry Potter films was done very well.
Dolores Umbridge This user thinks a life-sentence in Azkaban is too good for Umbridge.
Fred&amp;George This user can NEVER tell which one is Fred and which one is George in the movies.
Deathly Hallows 2- Neville Longbottom holding the Gryffindor&#039;s sword
Neville + Sword = OWNED
Teh This user is a spelling freak. Your misspellings will be corrected almost as fast as you type them!
number of edits This user has made over number of edits edits on the Harry Potter Wiki.

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