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{{Individual infobox
|name= Emmy
|born= [[Return of the Dark Lord|24 June]]
|died= Only slightly
|gender= Female
|height= 5' 2"
|hair= Brown
|eyes= Brown
|animagus= A giant ground sloth. A pretty one.
|boggart= It would say "conversate" or spell out "definately" or something
|patronus= Valentino Garavani
|loyalty= King Morpheus
==About Me==
I'm 23 years old, and a big fan of dark wheat beer, Iggy Pop, Murakami, [ Phillip Lim], [[Rubeus Hagrid]] and kickboxing (when my legs work).
{{User Cleanup}}
{{Scroll box
*[[Arabella Figg]] ✔
*[[Molly_Weasley#Relationships|Molly Weasley]] (relationships) ✔
*[[Rubeus Hagrid]] ✔
*[[Bellatrix_Lestrange#Relationships|Bellatrix Lestrange]] (relationships) ✔
*[[Nagini]] ✔
*[[Horace Slughorn]] ✔
*[[Peter_Pettigrew#Relationships|Peter Pettigrew]] (relationships) ✔
*[[Harry_Potter#Relationships|Harry Potter]] (relationships) ✔
*[[Lily_Evans#Relationships|Lily Evans]] (relationships) ✔
*[[Hermione_Granger#Relationships|Hermione Granger]] (relationships) ✔
*[[Ginevra_Weasley#Relationships|Ginny Weasley]] (relationships) ✔
*[[Neville_Longbottom#Relationships|Neville Longbottom]] (relationships) ✔
*[[Attack on Arthur Weasley]] ✔
*[[Duel in Little Hangleton]] ✔
*[[Draco_Malfoy#Relationships|Draco Malfoy]] (relationships) ✔
*[[Tom_Riddle#Relationships|Tom Riddle]] (relationships) ✔
*[[Ronald_Weasley#Relationships|Ronald Weasley]] (relationships) ✔
*[[Sirius_Black#Relationships|Sirius Black]] (relationships) ✔
{{Order of Merlin 3| [[User:Station7|Station7]]}}
==Some of the finest people on celluloid==
<gallery widths="112" orientation="portrait" spacing="small" captionalign="left">
Nick Moran (Snatcher, Scabior).jpg

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