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I have been a MASSIVE HP fan for twelve years now. Over half my life.

MY FAVORITE BOOK is Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.
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I just loved everything about it. There was so much history to it and I felt like it was the begining of everything.Plus, the Marauders are my favorite characters, and Harry got amazing family from it! SIRIUS BLACK FTW!

The Deathly Hallows is a close second. It was just genuis how well every seamingly insignificant thing tied together perfectly.

MY FAVORITE OF THE MOVIES was surprisingly the last. They left out a lot and changed quite a bit but I still loved it. I loved how almost everyone came back for the final installment and I loved seeing all the marauders together once again (even if it was in death). I always cry at the part where Harry tells Hermione and Ron that he is going to meet Voldemort. It's so sad...

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MY LEAST FAVORITE FEMALE CHARACTER is Molly Weasley. I just hate her so very much. I hate how she tries to control everything, I hate how she acts as though she is Harry's mother, I hate how she puts down her childrens dreams, and I hate how she made Sirius feel like crap in The Order of the Pheonix. I honestly blame her more for Sirius' death than I do Bellatrix.


MY FAVORITE MALE CHARACTER and favorite character in general is Sirius Black. Heck YEAH!!! He's just amazing, isn't he? He loves so fiercely and is so passionate and wise and funny. I can't fully explain my adoration for this character, but I know it is quite intense...Plus Gary Oldman is awesome!

MY FAVORITE HOUSE is Hufflepuff. Both well noted Hufflepuffs (Cedric and Tonks) were honest, loyal, hardworking, brave, intelligent and all around good people... I know that the Hufflepuffs get a bad rap, but I think
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that's because they have their priorities in order. They don't think it's do or die on the qudditch pitch, they don't break down if they get an answer wrong, and they don't go out of their way to be malicious to others. In the grand sceme of things they know what is really important and they are willing to fight for it.

MY FAVORITE FEMALE CHARACTER is Nymphadora Tonks. "Dora" is just... such an inspirational character. I think she is a good role model for girls. She is a clumsy and silly
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woman but is completely unapologetic about who she is. She is also incredibly intelligent and powerful and died for her son, hand in hand with the man she faught so darn hard to get. Nymphie, you kick some sirius ass!

MY LEAST FAVORITE MALE CHARACTER is Severus Snape. To be honest, I had a GIGANTIC rant about why I detest his character, but alas, I didn't want to offend
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anyone who loves him, and I know there are a great deal who do. So I am going to simply state that I can't stand him, even though I willingly admit that he is a brave and intelligent man. & I will never be okay with the fact that Harry named his son after a man who was constant in his ridicule of his DEAD FATHER! & I am starting to rant again... oops!

PS. I adore Alan Rickman and think he did a spectacular job as Snape... still hate the character, though.

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