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August 7, 2012
  • I live in The Land of Pyrusia
  • I was born on February 14
  • My occupation is I graduated high school recently and just now got into nerf, and currently building my nerf arsenal.
  • I am Male Animagus, (dragon) Pyrusian.
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Hermione Prophecy

Hermione Granger, one of my dearly favorite characters of the Harry Potter series.

Harry J. Potter

Harry Potter is the #1 Wizard in the World, for now.

Greetings, muggle and magical beings! I am originally from the wiki Bakugan Wiki, but I enjoy visiting here every once in a while. My signature spell is Incendios. My wand is 16' inches long, with a core of dragon heartstrings surrounded in redwood. My favorite witch is Hermoine Granger. My favorite wizard is Harry Potter. One day, I hope to take the #1 spot away from Harry himself.

I hope to do that through my character, named Leon Alan Thompson, who was born in 1997 on February 14. Alan was born overseas in America, in a small town called Tolsa, Oklahoma. Alan is very impulsive and isn't one to be angered easily, but when he is angry, he will either hide it, or unleash his fury on the agitator, but is otherwise calm and loveable, though his loveability is almost never noticed, almost. The only exception was when he was in 6th grade, where he met his first girlfriend, Sky Alex-Grace Larence. In 7th grade, his magical abilites were discovered, but he didn't want to go to Hogwarts because he would be leaving Sky behind, although she knew nothing about any of this. That entire year, Alan met with wizards from his hometown, who taught him some fundamentals of magic. One day, when he was practicing with fire spells, he heard a scream. It was Sky. She had walked up on him unexpectedly and discovered him doing magic. Alan explained himself thoroughly to her, she didn't quite understand, but wasn't overall upset about Alan keeping this big of a secret from her. In 8th grade, his biological father, who lived in Montana, asked him to come live with him over the phone one night. Excited, he asked his mother. After a few days of thinking about it, she said yes. When the news arrived, and Alan told Sky about it, she was not happy. "We already live across town from each other, how do you think I'll handle this?" That's the only thing she said, in which Alan simply replied, "If we can live across town from each other and still love each other, no measurable distance can keep us apart, come hell or high water, I will love you until both of our deaths and beyond!" With this comment, Sky had enough confidence to agree with Alan. Before Alan's departure to Montana, they had a date the day before his flight, to go to the Tolsa Zoo & Biological Park. It was the best, and unknowingly, last, date they would ever go on. After the date was over, Sky gave Alan her cell phone. It was pink, but Alan didn't mind. Once in the air, he was alone. he was considered an "unacompanied minor", first, he landed at the Denver International Airport, and then there was a 1-hour layover. During this time, Sky called to see how Alan was doing. "Did your plane land safely?", she asked. "Without a single problem.", was Alan's response. The two talked until the layover ended. They said their "I love you's" and their goodbyes. The next plane Alan took alone was to a medium-sized town called Spokane, in Washington state. After he was the last to get off the plane, a suggestion made by the stuartesses, and after talking to the pilot and co-pilot of the plane, after over eight years, Alan sees his biological father's face. "How ya doin', son?", he says. Overcome with happiness, Alan runs and gives Rodnee, which is his name, a huge bear hug. "We need to get going now, we have a long drive ahead of us.", Rodnee says. In disbelief of this news, Alan says in surprise, "You drove all the way from Montana to get here!" "I sure did.", was Rodnee's simple answer. As we walked to the area where unloaded luggage was placed after it's unloaded from the plane, got my bags, and went to the parking lot. After we found the car, Sky called. "Have you landed yet?", she asked. "Who's that, and where did you get a cell phone, and why is it pink?.", Rodnee asked. My answer: "This cell phone is pink because I got it from my girlfriend, Sky, and I'm talking with her." "Oh.", said Rodnee. "Alan are you still there?" "Yeah, I'm here." "Well, I have some news." "What is it?" "Well, I've..." "You've what?" At this point, Alan is greatly concerned. Sky then finishes her sentence. "...I've developed magical abilities." Alan is stunned by this news. "You've developed what?" "I know, isn't it wonderful!?!" Alan's voice turns cold. "Sky, who else knows this?" "No one." "Good."

More on Alan's life soon!

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