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  • I live in Minas Morgul
  • My occupation is Witch King
  • I am Nazgul
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Hogwarts in Minecraft

My wand is made of Yew, Unicorn Hair
Mirror2 This user's heart desires a donut.
Daily Prophet Umbridge This user doesn't believe the lies of the Daily Prophet's story to stop Harry Potter. I say! VOLDEMORT IS BACK!!!
10 This user is 10 years old.
Flag of England This user is from England.
Otter This user's Patronus is an Otter.
Harry Potter (HBP promo) 3 This user is a Sixth Year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Boggart This user's boggart is Aragog with his minions.
Molly 3 If you know what's good for you, do NOT mess with this user's kids. Seriously. DON'T.
Lego2 Quirrel's troll 2 Do not wake this user up in the morning for your own sake!
Hp7 This user was very sad when they finished reading the 7th book.
Hufflepuffcrest This user is a Keeper for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team.
H final This user supports Hufflepuff.
Golden Snitch This user is a fan of Quidditch.
Quidditch World Cup This user has 10 Galleons on the Hufflepuff for the next Quidditch League Cup.
Ph734805jp This user is a Parselmouth.
Photo 49 This user likes to use the Killing Curse.
Dumbledore's™ Army Logomark on Parchment This user supports Dumbledore's Army.
Luna Lovegood's Butterbeer Cork Necklace This user wears a cork necklace to keep the Nargles away.
Dark Mark Half-Blood Prince This user is a Death Eater.
Thestrals This user sees Thestrals.
Snape OOP trailer This user has mastered the Art of Occlumency.
Snape OOP trailer This user has mastered the Art of Legilimency.
LHP2 Wii FOB 2D This user's favourite video game is LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7.
Harry Potter Logo by SprntrlFAN Livvi This user is a fan of every character in the Harry Potter Series.
Dolores Umbridge This user thinks a life-sentence in Azkaban is too good for Umbridge.
JamesPotterWand This user has a great Wand and it rocks!
Fluffy This user is a watchdog against vandalism, spam, and fanon on this Wiki.
Teh This user is a spelling freak. Your misspellings will be corrected almost as fast as you type them!
Deathly Hallows 2- Neville Longbottom holding the Gryffindor's sword
Neville + Sword = OWNED
Bellatrix-Azkaban This user hates Bellatrix Lestrange.
Avada Kedavra This user was very, very happy by the death of Lord Voldemort.
Daniel radcliffe and bonnie wright is about to kiss This user is in love with Luna Lovegood.
Veil - Death Chamber This user has loved ones beyond the Veil.

I'm not lying about the veil bit cause all my grandparents are dead :( :(

O.W.L. Results

ORDINARY WIZARDING LEVEL RESULTSPass Grades: Outstanding (O)Exceeds Expectations (E)Acceptable (A)

Fail Grades:

Poor (P)

Dreadful (D)

Troll (T)


P This user earned a Poor on their Astronomy O.W.L.
T This user earned a Troll on their Care of Magical Creatures O.W.L.
O This user earned an Outstanding on their Charms O.W.L.
O This user earned an Outstanding on their Defence Against the Dark Arts O.W.L.
T This user earned a Troll on their Divination O.W.L.
D This user earned a Dreadful on their Herbology O.W.L.
O This user earned an Outstanding on their History of Magic O.W.L.
O This user earned an Outstanding on their Potions O.W.L.
A This user earned an Acceptable on their Transfiguration O.W.L.

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