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December 28, 2008
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August 23 1995

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Goblet of Fire

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I'm user darth Vader601 i have been a member on Harry Potter wiki For a few Days i came on cause i saw that in some places it needed cleaning up. Please if u think i should edit a page then please post on my user talk. Yes i am very young to be editing this but i have read the books over and over agine i am currntly reading harry potter and the order of the pheonix for the 5th time. My faverite bands are linkin park and green day i also like timberland and justin timberlake. Please if u think i need to edit a page then pleese agine post it on my user talk. MY FAVERITE HARRY POTTER BOOK IS HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHEONIX SO IF U THINK THERE IS SOMTIHNG WRONG WITH THOSE PAGES THEN PLEASE POST ON MY USER TALK. thanks.

Bands i like

Green Day Linkin park and bands like that

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