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  • I live in Gainesville, Georgia
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is Irish Jedi
  • I am an Irish American
Cole Jackson Herrington
Biographical information

July 5, 1993


Judgement Day

Blood status

Irish American

Also known as



Jedi Master

Physical information






Hair colour

Wavy dark brown

Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Herrington family:

  • Carly (sister)
  • Mary (mother)
  • James (father)
Magical characteristics



Eric Harris






Jedi Master


House of Herrington

  • Christianity
    • Roman Catholic Church
  • Ireland
  • Harry Potter
  • Ginny Potter
  • Weasly family
  • USA
  • Jedi Order
  • Friends and family
Cole: "I've had enough of your trickery."
Voldermort: "Oh, but you will like this one. I promise. What if I could show you...the future?"
Cole: " it."
Voldermort: "Know yourself. Know what you will become!"
— Voldemort tempting Cole to join him.

Cole Herrington was the Irish American Jedi liaison to Hogwarts. After his redemption from his hateful feelings, he became close friends of Harry and Ginny Potter and their friends.


Harry: "Why are you so angry at us all the time?"
Cole: "Let me ask you, what if everything you had was burned down around you. What if you and your family were walking on the street and you were spat on? Told you were nothing. You're no good. What if it was yours cut down by blasted bullets of a government agent? One of yours you had to bury? Would you just sit back and say: "Oh well. Remember Ginny. She was such a sweet one. God bless her". And you try to make some sense of it. You freakin' try. But you look around at all the people and you realize you're dealing with a government that's failed...everyone. All sides. We're normal people in an abnormal situation fighting a disgusting ugly war that you British can't understand because you haven't lived it. It's not a British story. It's an Irish story."
— Cole explains his ties to the IRA.

Although Cole wasn't a Death Eater, in his early life, he was very hateful because of the constant bullying he suffered for 7 years in middle and high school. The pain caused by the bullies made him angry. The anger lead to hate. Then, the hate lead to suffering. He never killed anyone, but his hate tore his soul apart like a Horcrux would. Eventually, his remorse and guilt saved him. He used to hate the English because of the crimes and massacres they committed against his Irish ancestors for centuries.

Guardian Teacher

Cole: "The knowledge you seek is very powerful, James Potter. Use it carefully or it will lead you to the dark side."
James: "I'm not afraid."
Cole: "You should be. I once thought I was impervious to the lure of the dark side...I was mistaken. Do not take the same path as I."
James: "Teach me. I am ready."
— Cole Herrington's ghost to James Sirius Potter, Harry Potter's son, on defeating Voldemort's apprentice.

Shortly after Cole died, Voldemort's apprentice, Lord Reaper, revealed himself, reeking havoc on the magical world. Harry's eldest son, James Sirius Potter, came to the temple that held Cole's grave. As a ghost, Cole taught James how to resist Reaper's deadly aura effect, warning him also of the risks that the knowledge of such power could lead him to the dark side.

Psychological Profile

Cole: "I'LL KILL YOU!"
Voldemort: "Rise above this. Potter means nothing."
Voldemort: "If you wish to join the boy so be it. But his death gives you strength. Embrace it."
— An enraged Cole attacks Voldemort after seeing Harry's body.

Cole was born with Aspergers syndrome, a mild form of autism that made him socially awkward and shy. He was a devout Irish American Catholic from Georgia. The pain caused by bullies caused his anger and rage to skyrocket, becoming enraged at the slightest thing. After meeting Harry Potter and his friends, he learned to control his anger. But when he saw the seemingly lifeless body of Harry Potter, his grief gave way to rage, which took full control of him, causing him to attack Voldemort.


Cole had the rarest form of Riddikulus. Instead of enchanting the regular riddikulus, Cole would say levamentum, which would turn his boggart into something that gave him comfort instead of humor. His Levamentum was either Love or going to heaven. He was also the second most powerful Jedi in the galaxy, behind Anakin Skywalker.

Person Fear Levamentum
Cole Herrington Sin and Eric Harris Love/Going to Heaven
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