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|portrayer= Brennan Alexander Moore
|portrayer= Brennan Alexander Moore
Corvus Black (A.K.A) Brennan Moore is the last descendant of the ravenclaw family and one of the last handfull of blacks. He is one of the most talented wizards of his time. His whole life he has looked up to Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore. His profession is potions because of his great talents in creating them he is able to create even the most difficult potions in a matter of hours. He is also very skilled and transfiguration and defense against the dark arts. It has been suggested that he become headmaster even many of the headmasters and headmistresses were willing to step down for him. He is one of the very few owners of a first edition of the tales of beetle and bard. What makes his edition of tales of beedle and bard his the edition of all the known wizarding spells. He can fly without the aide of a broomstick. He has a pet phoenix named zeus who has saved him on numerous occasions. It is said that he and his phoenix are connected on the same spiritual level. This means that they share thoughts,Pain, and emotions if one were to die so would the other. They can swap bodys freely enabling them access to each ability of the individual. When his sorting ceremony started the sorting hat declared him the hardest student to sort. He could have a place in any house having the qualities of all. It was left up to him and he wanted to be the first black in ravenclaw. He is also very handsome and intelligent making him a better choice anyways. He has so much money he has three vaults filled to the top and he has a large manor estate built into the horcrux cave that has somehow eluded voldemorts attention. He has the same relationship to his parents as severus snape hating his father and loving his mother. He was able to produce a corpreal patronous at his first try which was in his first year. His patrounous is small but when he participated in a patrounas competion his patrounas was proven most powerful. This is said because of his laid-back, happy go lucky attitude. His life sounds all great but once was in the ranks of the death eaters. When they were called knights of walplurgis but not purposely and he never commited murder,torture, or control working as a double agent for the ministry of magic. This may sound bad but he has a hard struggle such as the weasleys he never had much money as a child he always helps poor wizarding familys when ever possible. The rest of his life remains a mystery only time will tell. (please dont edit unless there is a mispelling but you may get permission from me and if your a high ranking member feel free to add on some more of the story)
Corvus Black (A.K.A) Brennan Moore is a douche.

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Biographical information

September 5, 1992


Not yet

Blood status


Also known as

The black Raven, Corvus black



Physical information


Hair colour


Eye colour


Family information
Family members

Ravenclaw family and Black family

Magical characteristics





ten and three fourths inches, Vine, Thestral hair, Good for dueling and transfiguration




Potions professor at hogwarts school of whichcraft and wizardry

Corvus Black (A.K.A) Brennan Moore is a douche.

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