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This is my work page. Do not edit it without permission, please.

Quidditch team information


{{Quidditch team infobox
|name=Full name of Quidditch team (e.g. Chudley Canons)
|image=''Quidditch Team image, maximum 250px''
|hometown=Hometown of Quidditch team (e.g Chudley, United Kingdom) 
|founded=Date of foundation (e.g. 1777)
|league=Quidditch league in which Quidditch Team plays (e.g. European Quidditch League)
|robes=Colours of robes worn by Quidditch team players (e.g. Bright orange with speeding canonball)
|feat=The Best feat of Quidditch team (e.g. Defeating Puddlemere United in 20 minutes.)
|championship=Championships won by Quidditch Team (e.g. League Cup (1891))
|coach=Coach or manager of Quidditch team (e.g. Ragmar Dorkins)
|keeper=Keeper of Quidditch team (e.g. Oliver Wood)
|seeker=Seeker of Quidditch team (e.g. Galvin Gudgeon)
|chasers=Chasers of Quidditch team (e.g. Dragomir Gorgovitch)
|beaters=Beaters of Quidditch team (e.g. Joey Jenkis)

Clean template



{{subst:Individual infobox|bgcolor1=#999999|bgcolor2=CCCCCC}}

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