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Chosen One
Gender Male
Date of birth In March, when Pisces ends... year? Quite recently...
House Gryffindor
Occupation Editor, student, musician, Dark Lord bounty hunter
Parentage Muggle-born
Loyalty Myself (mwahaha), and GOD (hehe)
First appearance 25th of July, 2005
G final This user supports Gryffindor.
Wiki This user is an administrator on the Harry Potter Wiki.
Wiki This user is a Bureaucrat on the Harry Potter Wiki.
Hp7 This user read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in its entirety the day it came out.

Hi! I'm the Chosen One (real name upon request)! I'm a regular contributor here, and until I find a better way to harness my potential, I'll try and help out in making this Wiki the most complete, most comprehensive, and most accurate fan-written Harry Potter encyclopedia.

I've done fairly much, contributed a lot of articles (mostly stubs), expanded some, and fixed the typo and syntactical errors.

Notes to selfEdit

  • Work in general.

Monday, February 8, 21:59 UTC

Scheduled WikibreaksEdit

  • September - indefinite: I'm moving to another country and I don't yet know how long it will take to have internet connected there.

Useful links/toolsEdit

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