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Celtic moon goddess

Celtic Moon Goddess

About me

Hello, I'm Rhea! I love Harry Potter loads, it's amazing! Fave Characters: Luna, Draco and Bellatrix <- she's funny in a demented kinda way! She reminds me a bit of Drusilla from Buffy The Vampire Slayer but my favourite character is Spike, i love him, he's really funny xxx :) I don't really have a lot to say tbh... I do use the site FanFiction and if you're by any chance interested in reading my fics, the link to my profile is... <- i think that's rite! i've only written two Harry Potter stories though :S anyways... have a goooood life x

Oh, here is a vid i uploaded to youtube... just 4 this profile :)

Harry Potter Photo Video00:54

Harry Potter Photo Video

~ Rhea, Celtic Moon Princess.

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