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Dianna Jessica Weasley (née Brunson)
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23 May, 1979

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Dianna Brunson

Mainly my info is about the Harry Potter character I created with my imagination, and in my head everything about her is canon, from her blonde hair to her marriage to George Weasley to the children that they had to together. She's been in my life for a while now so I thought she deserved her own Harry Potter Wiki article (profile). (No, I am not trying to disrespect Jo's work. I created Dianna a little while back now and that's why she seems so real to me and it feels as though she really is a canon character).

Dianna Brunson's Backstory

Early Life

Dianna Jessica Weasley (nee Brunson) was born to Auror parents Jessica and John Brunson on 23 May, 1979. Her mother was a pure-blood witch and her father was a muggle-born wizard, making her a half-blood. She has an older brother named Mike, born in 1976, and a younger sister, Laura, born in 1981.

She lost her grandfather a year before she began attending Hogwarts.

Before attending Hogwarts, Dianna was homeschooled like most other young witches and wizards were. However, she did befriend and become close friends with a muggle called Emily who lived in her neighbourhood.

Education at Hogwarts

Dianna Brunson's Sorting almost became a hatstall when the Sorting Hat couldn't decide whether to put her into Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, as she had strong traits for both houses. Eventually, the hat decided on putting her in Ravenclaw. Despite her house placing, she is clever but not the smartest Ravenclaw in her year, and has proven to be more brave than smart.

She shared a dormitory with Cho Chang, Marietta Edgecombe and three other girls.

First Year

Dianna's first year at Hogwarts was reletavely normal. She got lost a few times in her first week, became best friends with Katie Bell and Cho Chang, and formed a close friendship with the Weasley twins, who were in the year above her at Hogwarts. She proved to be a naturally gifted flyer in her weekly Flying lessons. She just managed to get an above average scores on her end-of-year exams, despite not being the cleverest Ravenclaw in her year.

Halfway through the summer holidays after she finished her first year, Dianna's best friend was hit by a car when they were out together and the lower part of Emily's body was paralysed. Dianna did not know any magic to stop it, and she didn't know if she could forgive herself for not being able to do anything about it. This incident changed Dianna - before it happened, she was a rather secretive person who liked to keep to herself and not talk to other people besides her group of wizarding friends or one or two muggle friends much. Afterwards, she became more open and expanded her group of muggle and wizarding friends alike, becoming a highly popular girl.

Second Year

Harry Potter's arrival at Hogwarts came as something of a shock to her - she never thought she'd ever meet him, let alone go to school with him. She did not gawk all over him like most of the other students did, though. She didn't want to come across as annoying or obsessive to the Boy Who Lived, because she wasn't. She was just friendly to him, and though they weren't close, they did say hi when they passed eachother in the corridors and sometimes had small conversations.

During her second year at Hogwarts, Dianna successfully tried out for the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team, becoming the youngest Chaser on the team. She remained a Chaser for her team for the rest of her following years at Hogwarts, often joking with her best friends about Quidditch.

Dianna's Death Eater aunt, Wilberta, attempted to get Dianna to join the Dark Side during the summer holidays. She was tortured and her aunt even threatened to kill her, but Dianna narrowly escaped. Wilberta was sentenced to twenty-three years in Azkaban (but broke out during the mass break-out in 1996).

Third Year

Although the opening of the Chamber of Secrets and the Basilisk loose in the plumbing of the castle didn't affect her or her brother (her sister had not started at Hogwarts yet) as neither of them were muggle-born, she couldn't help but worry about her muggle-born friends. Though they were not particularly close, Dianna was very worried about Hermione Granger when she was petrified by the Basilisk. Dianna and Hermione had only spoken a few times, but Dianna thought that Hermione was bossy but kind and had a big heart.

She took up two new subjects for her third year, Care of Magical Creatures and Arithmancy.

This was also the year that she got the nickname 'Pretty-and-popular-but-not-dumb-blonde'. Fred Weasley began to call her this incredibly long nickname for several weeks after they had a 'race' to see who could set off dungbombs outside Filch's office and leg it first, and Dianna had it all planned out in her head of how she was going to beat Fred.

That summer, Dianna performed underage magic outside of Hogwarts and recieved an official warning from the Ministry of Magic.

Fourth Year

She was terrified that Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban and was on the run, and was constantly paranoid about everything for the majority of her fourth year, though tried her best not to show it. She was often reluctant to go to Hogsmeade that year, just incase Sirius was lurking around a corner. However, several of her friends, including Katie, Fred, and George, convinced her to go more often than not (though they all talked her into it on different occasions).

She also found herself getting closer to Fred and George that year, (though she got a little more closer with Fred than George) although she had no romantic feelings for neither of them at this point.

Fifth Year

The Triwizard Tournament was something of an exciting yet worrying event for Dianna. She was excited to meet the students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, and even got an autograph and 'hello' from Viktor Krum. The tasks were interesting, but she was worried because she had heard bad things about this particular tournament aswell.

After the initial shock and anger of Harry's name coming out of the Triwizard Cup was over, she fully supported both Harry and Cedric Diggory, the champions for Hogwarts. She, like few other students, including Cho, did not bother buying a 'Potter Stinks' badge.

The Yule Ball was both heartbreaking (at first) and happy for Dianna. When she found out that Fred had casually asked Angelina Johnson to the ball, she felt an unexpected feeling of intense jealousy. She was heartbroken - this was when she realized how she felt about Fred. This also caused her not to like Angelina very much afterwards.

Being the pretty, popular and kind girl that she was, Dianna had already been asked to the Yule Ball by different boys several times. She let them all down as nicely as she could, but eventually said yes to a fellow fifth year who was in Hufflepuff, who she got along fairly well with. When the time for the ball came, and after dancing with him for a while, she found out he liked to talk about himself a lot, which made sure she wasn't having a good time. She also kept looking over at Fred and Angelina... and saw him looking over at her once or twice, aswell.

Halfway through the event, Dianna asked to sit down saying she 'was too tired' to dance anymore. Of course, this was only partly true. She just wanted to be there with Fred. Her date eventually ditched her to dance with a seventh year Slytherin. Fred saw her sitting alone and offered to dance with her, and they were having such a good time that they danced until midnight, when the ball ended.

When she got back to her dormitory, she realized she not only liked Fred as more than a friend. She was in love with him.

The death of Cedric Diggory devastated Dianna, though not as much as it did Cho. After Cho and Cedric had began dating, Dianna and Cedric had become good friends. Dianna was there for Cho after it happened, and constantly gave her support and advice.

She was not sure whether to believe Harry's about Lord Voldemort's return to begin with, but after a few days came to the conclusion that Harry would not lie about something like that. She was one of the first few to believe Harry before the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

Sixth Year

Dianna's OWL grades were as follows:

  • Astronomy: E
  • Arithmancy: E
  • Care of Magical Creatures: O
  • Charms: O
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
  • Herbology: A
  • History of Magic: T
  • Potions: A
  • Transfiguration: E

Her parents were reluctant to let their daughter and her younger sister return to Hogwarts for the new school year (Mike had just finished his seventh year). Of course, Dianna's parents believed her and her two siblings when they told them what had happened. Dianna and Laura were allowed to go back to Hogwarts.

She became captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team.

She did not like Umbridge from the moment she set eyes on her, and she thought that her fluffy pink cardigan and highly annoying falsley sweet voice had something to do with it. Dianna recieved several detentions from Umbridge for breaking all of her 'Educational Decrees' right in front of her, and although her own handwriting wasn't carved into her skin, her punishment was almost as bad.

She willingly signed up for Dumbledore's Army, and re-scheduled the Ravenclaw teams Quidditch practise in order for the D.A to come first. Dianna enjoyed Quidditch and wanted Ravenclaw to win the matches that they played, but to her, defending herself and others against Voldemort was what came first.

Dianna and Fred officially became boyfriend and girlfriend that year, when Dianna was attempting to finish some last minute Potions homework that she didn't realize she had. Fred asked her to cover for him from Filch just incase he came in, and so they got to talking. Fred asked Dianna who she fancied, and she unwillingly admitted that she fancied (well, loved) the boy who was sitting infront of her. Dianna was overjoyed when Fred kissed her and told her that he returned those feelings, so telling him about it was worth it after all.

When Fred and George escaped from Umbridge's rule of Hogwarts, Fred wrote to Dianna twice weekly and told her to come and meet him in Diagon Alley over the holidays. She did go and visit them over the summer and was the first person besides the twins to see their shop before it officially opened and visited them both regularly when she could.

I'll continue writing this later.

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