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Name Lunara Kyo (ルナラ.キョ)
Title Sirius Black's Guardian Goddess
A.K.A. Kengetsu (剣月; ケンゲツ)
Other Aliases Artemis (アーテミス)
Gender Female
Height 5'3" (160 cm)
Age None of your business.
Blood Type O
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Birthday August 2
IQ Higher than yours.
Job system|Job Class Samurai; Ninja; Mystic Knight; Monk
Weapon Masamune, Muramasa, Bakusaiga, Tessaiga, Gloves, My fists, Round-House Kicks.
Spells Blizzaga, Thundara, Curaja, Holy, Meteor
Summons Bahamut; Sephiroth; Lord Sesshoumaru
Limit Break Level 1: Kuzu-ryūsen

Level 2: Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki
Level 3: Kongousouha

About Lunara

CanineStarSirius, or Lunara,is the (unofficial) Guardian Goddess of Sirius Black. Unlike most fangirls, she will not squeal, glomp, rape, or in any other way make Sirius Black uncomfortable. Lunara will defend Sirius against fangirl attacks and fandom abuse, including any incest, Yaoi, or anything that Sirius might not like.

Lunara thinks Vincent Valentine looks like Sirius. Do not deny it. Too many similarities in appearance. They're like, reincarnations or something.

Do not diss Inuyasha. Or Sephiroth will kill you with Meteor. Because he and Sesshoumaru are like, twins. Lol jk. But seriously. Lunara's had enough of Inuyasha bashing. If you don't like it, keep your opinion to yourself. Kthnxbai.

Kongousouha would be a cool limit break, though. Each Adamant shard doing anything from 1000 to 9999 damage. That'd be cool.

My other two limit breaks are taken from Rurouni Kenshin.

Lunara CAN summon Sephiroth. (jk)

My old accound was VampireVincent, but I wanted to change my username. :D

Random Quotes by Lunara and her friends

"My Innuendo Senses are Tingling!"

"Do not argue with my blatant sexiness" (as a line by Sirius in her crack fanfic)

"Snape is not a Bishie!" (MSN conversation goodness)

"Prozac is not cookies." (More MSN conversation goodness)

Harry Potter Goodness

As you can probably see, I'm a big fan of the book series Harry Potter. Actually, big fan is an understatement. But at least I'm still partially sane and sensible, in other words, not a rabid fangirl.

And no, HP is not against anyone's religion. Thinking that is just silly.

Sirius will eat you if you do.

Other Stuffs

Those Best-Worst-Whatever Chart things.

Category Favorite Second Favorite Third Favorite Least Favorite
Male Character Vincent Desch Laguna Hojo
Female Character Tifa Refia Unei -NA-
Temporary FF III Player Character Desch Doga Unei Sara
Villain Sephiroth Kadaj Yazoo Hojo
Airship Invincible Highwind Ragnarok -NA-
III Character Desch Luneth Doga Xande
VII Character Vincent Sephiroth Cloud and Tifa (tied for third)Hojo


user female user biling
user III user VII
User watched AC user watched LO
user AC user LO
user Luneth user tifa
user cidVII user sephiroth
user vincent user ACvincent
user wm8bit user fighter8bit

Sirius Black's Shrine


Sirius looks very much like Vincent. No kidding.

Name Sirius Black
A.K.A Padfoot; Snuffles
Gender Sirius is a manly man.
Job system|Job Class Mystic Knight/Sorcerer; Gunner; Magus
Hometown London
Date of Birth Some time in 1960
Age 36 at the date of death
Height Can be anywhere between 6'0" and 6'4" (183-193cm)
IQ Smart enough to know how to turn into a Dog and back.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Weapon Kiku-Ichimonji, Wand, Muggle Gun, 12"-bladed knife.
Spells Anything and Everything.
Summons Peeves, The Giant Squid, Leviathan
limit breaks Level 1: Dungbomb Barrage- Attacks with 100 Dungbombs, with each Dungbomb doing 500 Damage.

Level 2: Padfoot-Turns into Giant Black Dog and eats you.
Level 3: Supernova-Blows you up. You dead.

About Sirius

Sirius Black is a character in Harry Potter. He was Harry's Godfather and a father figure to Harry. Sirius also happens to be my favorite character in the entire series.

This is the Final Fantasy Wiki, so I won't write about Sirius's life story here, even though I can re-write the whole Wikipedia article on it by myself if I wanted to. But since Sirius isn't a Final Fantasy character, I won't bother.

Sirius's importance to Lunara

As you can tell, Sirius is very important to Lunara. Of course, we're talking about the Harry Potter character here. Although Sirius of the Canis Major constellation is very important too. Not so much the satellite radio company.

Sirius is a character that Lunara got attached to after she read the 3rd book. Because his personality and looks are just sexy. In my interpretation according to the descriptions given in the books, Sirius looks like Vincent Valentine, and for me, to the point of near-perfect image. Which is why Lunara used Vincent as an image for Sirius instead of uploading one of her fanarts.

Screw the movies. Movie Sirius isn't even close to the greatness named Sirius Orion Black, looks wise. Acting wise he's fine. But the directors are an abomination for making Sirius look so out of character. D:

After a few monthes of the initial attachment, Sirius became Lunara's official favorite fictional character, and soon her (unofficial) Hubbie. However, Lunara will not do fangirly things to Sirius when he's around, if HP was real (which I'm not deluded enough to think so).

"Do not argue with my blatant sexiness." -Sirius, from my crack-fic semi-crossover with Romeo and Juliet.

I will not argue with your blatant sexiness, Sirius. ;)

Connections Lunara Make between Sirius and Vincent Valentine

"Vincent Valentine, as any of my friends IRL will know, is regarded by me to be the perfect image of Sirius Black, if only he had gray eyes. Vincent, at a physical age of 27, is more of an image of the older, more mature Sirius, as opposed to the younger one (Although I think pre-Chaos Vincent is actually a pretty good portrayal of Sirius, even with the short hair. If Sirius really looked like that with short hair, I'll take it.). Now. In the books, Sirius is described looking like a vampire. Vincent has been known to be mistaken for one by the fans of the game. They have similar hair lengths (Sirius's hair being elbow-length at the time of Prizoner of Azkaban), and possibly similar hairstyles. Sirius and Vincent also have the same pale complexion, and they're both tall. Vincent being 184 cm (According to Square Enix, I think) and I've estimated Sirius's height to fall into the range of 183 cm-193 cm based on the estimations of the heights of other characters with clues given throughout the 7 books. My friends who know Harry Potter, and even some people I talked to online, agrees that Vincent looks like Sirius. Except for the clothes and the red eyes. Oh well."

-Taken from my GaiaOnline Journal. Complete Entry please see here--[Link]

Connections Lunara Make between Sirius and Mercutio

If Vincent is the Reincarnation and appearance embodiment of Sirius, Mercutio is his past life and personality embodiment. Do not deny the similarity between their personality. They're both perverted, for a start.

"Now, being an Italian guy living in the 1500s-1600s, the chances of Mercutio being Sirius's height is very close to zero. Plus, there were'nt much description in the play of what Mercutio looked like, so I can't say anything about physical resemblance. Personality-wise, however, they are very similar. We all know from the 7th book that the teenage Sirius, at the very least, was somewhat a pervert, as seen on his bedroom wall. Anyone who has read Romeo and Juliet will also know that Mercutio is a pervert, much like Sirius. Mercutio also has a hot temper and is somewhat rash, as seen in him taking on Tybalt's challenge to Romeo, reflected in Sirius going to the Department of Magic when he was told not to. Both of which resulted in their respectable deathes. Mercutio also enjoyed teasing Romeo, which Sirius mostly likely have done during his school days to James. There is only one major difference I can point out, which is that Sirius probably respected women a lot more than Mercutio. But y'know. It's the 1600s. So that can't be helped."

Also taken from my Gaia Journal.

Tifa's personal section

Thank you, Square Enix, for making a non-sucky female physical-fighter protagonist like Tifa. (Refia was awesome too. She was a ninja in my party in FFIII DS remake.)

Tifa can kick my butt in fighting skills. Although I'm not that great (but I can still kick you butt, most likely), so Tifa can kick mex1000 in the butt in fighting skills. Now that's saying something.

Also, thank you Square Enix, for not making Tifa a midget. I swear, every girl in Anime is like, 5 foot tall. Even I'm taller than that. I don't even care if you make her figure literally fanservice for dudes. Tifa's coolness in character makes up for that. And on another note, I'm grateful for Vincent and Sephiroth. Translating to the FF embodiments of Sirius and Sesshoumaru. Now that's hot.

Sasuke Uchiha needs to die.

I'm sorry, fangirls, as one of the major Sasuke haters and one of Deidara's fanbase, I feel the need to bash him here.

Sasuke is %^&#ing overpowered. Sometimes that makes you awesome, like when you're Sesshoumaru (Bakusaiga can pwn Tessaiga any day now. Except for Diamond Tessaiga where sharp shiny things shoot out. That's awesome). And sometimes you just suck when you're over powered. And Sasuke happened to be the latter. Sesshy's got the coolness and the blatant overkill pwnageness to have such power and not be Mary-sued. Sasuke, however, does not. I don't hate emos. I like Emo!Cloud as well as notEmo!Cloud, and Vincent (though he may be more goth) is just plain awesome. But Sasuke can't be emo and awesome at the same time unlike Cloud and Vincent, so he fails.

So he fights Itachi for this many chapters, and they still haven't settled it yet. I'm hoping that Itachi wins, even though Masashi Kishimoto is such a Sasuke fanboy that I doubt that it will happen. By any means, Itachi, please kick Sasuke's sorry butt and avenge Deidara for me. Deidara pwn'd.

Edit: #@&* you, Kishimoto, you had to kill ITACHI. At least Sasuke didn't kill him, technically, but still. You had to kill ITACHI. Who owns his brother's sorry @$$ any day. Sasuke has just became the biggest #@&*ing overpowered not!ninja and the biggest #@&*ing godmodder. #@&*. For the love of us fans and anti-sasuke-fangirls, KILL THE #@&*ING BASTARD SASUKE, KISHIMOTO.

Speaking of Deidara, Sasuke went against the laws of Earth Science and more importantly, Pokemon, to beat Deidara. Deidara is an Earth-elemental, and Sasuke is Fire and Lightning. With the rules of Pokemon, Lightning attacks should have absolutely no effect on Earth types, like Deidara, and Sasuke v.s. Deidara fight just stated that Thundershock from a Pichu can kill a Claydol (I chose it because its explosive content resembles Dei's), or something. If you want to KO a ground type, try using my Blastoise and using Hydro Cannon. Overkill, but works. So Sasuke, and Kishimoto, has clearly never played Pokemon, and is therefore deprived.

Not to mention that the series is called "Naruto" and not "Sasuke". But I'm glad that now it's time for Tobi action! Tobi is just so cute. Even when he goes all emo and evil and Madara-istic instead of his alternate Dorky-kohai self.


Because I feel like it, here is some trivia that none of you care about.

1. I trained my Wigglytuff to lv.100. When I was bored of training for the l33t four in my Diamond game, I just transfered my team of overkill pwnage, including this Wigglytuff, to Diamond (through my friend's game and trading), and pwned the l33t four and Cynthia within 30 min.

2. Aside from my swords and stuff, the thing I want the most is a pair of brass-knuckled fingerless gloves. So I can be awesome like Tifa.

3. But for now, those goth gloves with shiny metal decorations will do. Plus they look cool. But I'm going for attack power here.

4. Sirius Black is my (un)official Hubby. Do not steal, fan-abuse (pair him up with people he hates), bash, flame, or argue with his blatant sexiness.

5. I need more fanservice. There's not enough fanservice for girls and too much for dudes. Not fair.

6.I still have commissions to do, dammit. Remind me to do all 5 tomorrow.

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