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  • I live in the US of A.
  • I was born on March 18
  • My occupation is an underwater fire fighter.
  • I am your worst nightmare.
Biographical information

March 18, 1998

Blood status

Half-Blood (half god, half mortal)

Marital status



Daughter of Hecate

Physical information






Hair colour

Dark Brown

Eye colour


Skin colour

Slight Tan

Family information
Family members

Hecate (mother) Hecate's Cabin members (maternal half-siblings)

Magical characteristics

Black Labradoodle


Dead Friends


12¾", Ash, Phoenix Feather, Unyeilding


Black Labradoodle




Hogwarts Camp Half-Blood

Hi <insert name here>, I'm a greek demigod daughter of Hecate and a student at Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry. My penname's Kendra Hayes, and I based it off of who my mother is, like Conner and Travis Stoll and Katie Gardener. My first name is Kendra, which is a Dakota name meaning magic, and Hayes, which is a Scottish name meaning fire.

I'm in my 5th year (skipped 4th year) at Hogwarts, which is a school in the United Kingdom for magic. I'm a Slytherin, and I do my best to break the bad reputation former members have left behind for my house. I attend the school during the year, and stay at Camp Half-Blood during the summer.

I don't know who my father is, I lived in an orphanage until I was 9, and then I ran away. Eventually, I met a satyr who led me to camp. There I was claimed, and my siblings in the Hecate cabin told me that when I turned eleven, I would start getting letters from different magic schools all over the world asking me to join. They told me it would be up to me to decide which one I wanted to go to.

I decided right away not to attend a school in the country because this was an opportunity to go somewhere new. Eventually, Hogwarts was what I chose because I've always wanted to go to Britain, and the members of the school would speak English, the only language I knew, besides Ancient Greek.

The deputy headmaster of Hogwarts, Professor Slughorn, told me not to tell others that I was a daughter of Hecate, because they would call me an evil witch and accuse me of practicing dark magic. When I was on the train, I heard a few first-years talking about what house they wanted to be sorted in, and they were saying that they didn't mind what house they got, as long as it wasn't Slytherin, because apparently most of the people sorted into that house became evil.

Once the sorting came, none of the children I overheard ended up in Slytherin. But I did.

I decided to use a diary as a place to keep secrets. I kept that diary through each school year, and through each summer.

In my first year, I found out that Slytherins were not completely isolated, and that after the Second Wizarding War, prejudice decreased imensely, but was still there. People could tolerate Slytherins, but were still uncomfortable around them. I also discovered while talking to Professor Slughorn that there were many Slytherins that worked for good causes and were good people, but were simply looked over. Merlin himself was a Slytherin. It was then that I decided I would break the stereotype.

Over the next few years, I was nice to everyone, helped people with their homework, and became friends with all four houses. I had no close friends, though. No one to confide in but my diary.

One day in 3rd year, a Ravenclaw boy found my diary and discovered my secret. He spread it throughout the school, believing that he should inform the student population about how dangerous I was, and within a day, everyone knew I was a demigod, daughter of Hecate. They started to stay away from me and give me suspicious looks. I tried to act the same. I offered people help when it seemed they needed it, but they would make up excuses, saying they were too busy to study after lessons. I walked up to people in the halls and tried to make conversation with them, but they would give short replies and try to stay away from me without making it seem like they didn't want me there. Eventually, people ignored me altogether.

I realized none of them had taunted me, excluding every now and then when a group of boys would dare one of their friends to insult me, because I was half god, and they feared me. I retreated into a shell that I stayed in for the rest of the year.

When I went back home to camp for winter break, and then again for summer, I was beyond relieved. No more people looking at me like they expected me to crucio them, no more tense nights spent in my dorms when all the other girls acted like I might attack them in my sleep. I didn't tell any of my siblings or any of my friends at camp about what happened at school. Chiron knew that it got out, but he didn't bother me about it because he could tell it was a sore subject.

As the beginning of 5th year drew closer, for Headmaster McGonagall allowed me to move forward a year because I did training at home, too, I became more and more determined not to let the students get to me. I decided I would go on with life at school as normally as I could. If they ignored me, I could ignore them, too.

On September first, I boarded the Hogwarts Express and sat in a compartment alone. A few students tried to talk sit with me, and I could see regret in their eyes about everything that happened the previous year. I made no move to acknowledge them. I sat alone at breakfast, coming extremely early when very few people had arrived. I spent lunch never even went to dinner, spending that time in the outside in a secluded part of the grounds practicing sword fighting and spells not taught in class.

This went on for nearly a month before the loneliness really got to me. I hadn't talked to anyone besides my professors since school began, so when I approached someone friendly one day asking her if she wanted help in Transfiguration, she was startled, but I could see a ghost of a smile on her face as she accepted.

Since that day, I've been trying to be my old self again, friendly and helpful, and I let the girl in. She re-introduced me to some of her friends, and I'm trying to build up this friendship on a strong foundation with no secrets.

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