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Brodie Duncan
Biographical information

October 27th 1996

Blood status


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5ft 10'

Hair colour

Light Brown

Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
  • Mr. Duncan
  • Mrs. Duncan (née Shaw)
  • Brodie's sister
Magical characteristics

Dog (Registered)




Cypress, Phoenix feather core, 14 and a half inches, hard




Brodie Duncan (b. 27 October 1996) is a half-blood wizard, the youngest child of his parents and a 'model' Ravenclaw student. Brodie will be going into his fifth year of Hogwarts this September. Brodie befriended all the fellow Ravenclaw boys in his year through sharing a dormitory with them and being in the majority of the same classes as them. Brodie is currently also the Chaser for his house Quidditch team, helping his house try to win the Quidditch Cup.


Early Life

Brodie was born on the 27th October 1996 in the wizarding village of Hogsmeade to Mr. & Mrs. Duncan. Brodie's father is the Captain and Seeker of the Scottish national Quidditch team, he was present on the national team when they got "slaughtered" by Luxembourg during their Quidditch World Cup match in 1994. Brodie's mother works at the Ministry of Magic at the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. Both Brodie's parents attended Hogwarts during the 1970s and both began in 1972. His mother was sorted into Hufflepuff while his father was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Brodie also has a sister who is almost 3 years older than her brother, her attendance at Hogwarts is unknown but, it is assumed she attended Hogwarts like her brother and parents.

Until he was 11, Brodie attended a local Muggle primary school until the end of the school week before his birthday which ended on the 26th October. Brodie was then home-schooled by his mother until the following September when he began education at Hogwarts.

Being born in late October, Brodie missed going to Hogwarts the same year as many of his childhood friends so, he had to wait until 2008 until he could attend Hogwarts. He received his Hogwarts acceptance letter on the 20th October 2007, confirming his place at Hogwarts for starting at the school in September 2008.


Filius Flitwick

The relationship he has with his head of house, Professor Filtwick is a particularly important one to Brodie as Filius was a 'model' Ravenclaw student in his days of his Hogwarts education like Brodie currently is so, Brodie sees Professor Flitwick as a 'sort of' father figure while Brodie's own father is away for months on end while playing Quidditch for the Scottish National Quidditch team as Captain and Seeker.

Brodie's close relationship with Flitwick was caused by Brodie's strong interest in Charms of which Flitwick educated Brodie in. This strong relationship with the Charms Master led to Brodie receiving numerous advantages like getting to know what the details of the third year Charms examination earlier than the rest of the third year students including, various others.

Due to his relationship with the Head of Ravenclaw House and his Quidditch skills that he learnt from his father, Brodie was considered for the Ravenclaw House Quidditch team during his second year at Hogwarts but, he unfortunately fell off his broom during the tryouts and in his third year, he finally made the team and still currently plays for his house team as one of the two Seekers.

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