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'''''Please don't edit this page without my permisssion unless your fixing things like spelling and grammar. Thanks,''''' --[[User:Brissmas|<font size="3" face="Monotype Corsiva" color="limegreen">Brissmas </font>]][[File:Ginerva.PNG|35px]]<sup>([[User talk:Brissmas|<font face="Times" color="orange">''Ginny Weasley''</font>]])</sup>
==About me==
{{Gryffindor infobox
|image=[[File:Arthur Weasley HBP.JPG|250px]]
|died=Im not dead yet people....Or am i.....
|family=Mum, Dad, Brother
|patronus=Staffordshire Terrier
|job=3rd year student at Hogwarts
|loyalty=*[[Dumbledore's Army]]
*[[Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry]]
Hi, I'm Bryce and I'm from Australia. I joined this wiki on.....
{|cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5"
!style="text-align: centre; border:solid 3px Maroon; border-bottom:solid 3px Maroon; border-right:solid 3px Maroon"|''Registered on:''
!style="text-align: centre; border:solid 3px Gold; border-bottom:solid 3px Gold; border-right:solid 3px Gold"|'''July 1<sup>st</sup>, 2009'''
I'll be changing my profile picture to different pictures that i like every once in a while!
==My Harry Potter Experience==
I read my 1st Harry Potter Book(Chamber of Secrets) in 2007. I then bought the rest of the series and read them before The Deathly Hallows Came out. I was one of the 1st people to buy it in my town. I was totally obsessed over Harry Potter then and I still am now.
==My Sig==
*--[[User:Brissmas|<font size="3" face="Monotype Corsiva" color="limegreen">Brissmas </font>]]<sup>([[User talk:Brissmas|<font face="Times" color="orange">''Mah Talk!''</font>]])</sup>
[[File:Keeper_Weasley.jpg|thumb|left|Ron Weasley^^Best Keeper]]
'''Favourite Book:'''&nbsp; Deathly Hallows is the best book in my opinion. The battle at the end is just epic and it was awesome when all the house elves ran in with knives and stabbed the Death Eaters. Awesome book all round really...
'''Favourite Movie:''' My favourite movie is Half-Blood Prince.
'''Favourite Characters''' I like nearly all of the characters in Harry Potter but my favourite character is [http://../../../../../../../wiki/Ronald_Weasley Ron]. Some other characters i like are [[Harry Potter|Harry]],&nbsp;[http://../../../../../../../wiki/Ginerva_Weasley Ginny], [[Hermione Granger|Hermione]] and [[Albus Dumbledore|Dumbledore]]
'''Favourite Spell''': My favourite spell would be ''[[Reparo]]'' because it's dead useful.
==My Userboxes==
{{user gryffindor}}
{{User Gryffindor Player}}
{{user ootp}}
{{user da}}
{{user quidditch}}
{{User S.P.E.W.}}
{{user Beans}}
|border-c = #2A52BE
|id-c = #5D8AA8
|info-c = #007FFF
|id = [[File:Keeper Weasley.jpg|50px]]
|info-fc = Air Force blue
|info = This users favourite character is '''Ronald Weasley'''.
==My contributions==
*[[Special:Contributions/Brissmas|My Contributions to This Wiki!]]
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==My favorite pages==
* [[Harry Potter]]
* [[Ginevra Weasley|Ginny Weasley]]
* [[Ronald Weasley|Ron Weasley]]
* [[Hermione Granger]]
* [[Nymphadora Tonks]]
* [[Arthur Weasley]]
* [[Order of the Phoenix]]
* [[Albus Dumbledore]]

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