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My Wizarding Stats

  • Blood Status:Pureblood
  • Wand: Hawthorn and Unicorn Hair, 13' Reasonably Pliant
  • House:Ravenclaw
  • OWL Results: Astronomy=A, Care of Magical Creatures=E, Charms=O, Defense Against the Dark Arts=O, Divination=A, Herbology=E, History of Magic=O, Potions=O, Transfiguration=O
  • Patronus=A White Phoenix (Or a pulsing tidal wave like patronus)
  • Animagus=A Black Panther
  • Master of Nonverbal Magic
  • Ravenclaw House Duelling Club Champion/Captain
  • Ravenclaw Prefect
  • Ravenclaw Quidditch Seeker
  • Liscensed Apparitionist
  • Master Duelist
  • Prodigous Legilimens
  • Prodigous Occlumens
  • Controlled Wandless Telekinetic
  • Controlled Wandless Hydrokinetic
  • Controlled Wandless Geokinetic
  • Controlled Wandless Pyrokinetic
  • Controlled Wandless Aerokinetic
  • Charms Mastery (Powerful Disillusionment Charm, Patronus and many other charms)
  • Transfiguration Mastery (Transfigured part of my wand into a whip and I once used the Incarcifors Spell to catch an escaped Red Cap during a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson)
  • Boggart:The Gorgon Medusa (Defeated, I had to ask the Professor to conjure a big mirror before I cast the spell, you know to keep everyone from turning to stone)
  • Defeated the Death Eater known as Thorfin Rowle during the Battle of Hogwarts by use of the Full-Body Bind Curse and also defeated 3 Snatchers at once by use of a Body-Bind Curse, the Incarcerous Spell and a Stunning Spell
  • I have  used 2 of the Unforgivable Curses at least 3 times, the Imperius Curse I used twice on a criminal vampire who I was ordered to find and arrest and I was also granted special permission to use the Cruciatus Curse which I used to stop the vampire after he was able to break the Imperius Curse, I used it to incapacitate him onto the ground after he tried to flee.
  • My Favorite Spells: The Full Body-Bind Curse, The Stunning Spell, The Disarming Charm, Incarcerous, Incarcifors, The Patronus Charm, Verdillious/Vermillius/Verdimillious, Green Sparks, Bluebell Flames, The Bubble-head Charm, Undetectable Extension Charm, Trip Jinx, Arrow Shooting Spell, The Stinging Jinx, The Disillusionment Charm, The Shield Charm, The Blasting Curse, Arania Examei, Cistem Aperio, Bellatrix Lestrange's Whip Spell.
  • Spells I use in Dueling:The Stunning Spell, The Disarming Charm, The Full Body-Bind Curse, Levicorpus, The Shield Charm, Incarcerous, Incarcifors, Trip Jinx, Stinging Jinx, The Blasting Curse, The Leg-Locker Curse, Duro, Verdimillious/Vermillious/Verdillious, Impediment Jinx, Diffindo, Expulso and Incendio

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