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  • I live in Sweden
  • I was born on May 31

Aryllia (b. ca 1990) is a Scandinavian witch addicted to tea and fanfiction. She spends her days obsessing over either new canon material or wild mass guessing when her favourite auuthor refuses to add new canon material. Sometimes she writes but mostly she just plots and daydreams. This leads to catastrophically low productivity and will probably earn her a home on the street one day.


  • Aryllia firmly believes that Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald made peace after their respective deaths and travelled on their new afterlifely adventures together (after Gellert gives his word that there will be no more world dominating nonsense and Albus promises to keep his certainly-not-pining to himself). There will be many mishaps and much learning of magic, life, and the uncertainties of having a gay best friend/very attractive but straight best friend respectively.
  • By the time she had read Deathly Hallows, all of her least favourite characters from the first two books were instead her favourite characters. Miraculously enough, she not only acknowledges this but isn't even bitter over having been robbed on her dislike. She now persists that Gilderoy Lockhart is funny, Draco Malfoy shaped up and Severus Snape needs a hug.
  • She gets verbally aggressive when fanfic writers try to play the Dursleys as complete monsters who'd beat Harry black and blue, as well as when fanfic writers try to play the Death Eaters as paedophiles and rapists. Really people there's evil and there's evil - not all murderers are rapists (and certainly not paedophiles - Even Evil Has Standards you know) and nothing in the books speaks for Harry being beaten by Vernon. Dudley and his gang, yes - but not Vernon. Starving the boy, using him as cheap labour and locking him in a cupboard is MORE than enough trauma to warrant "child abuse" so going for bruises as well is just redundant and usually not in any way plot-important.

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