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A. Arthur Braga D.
Biographical information

January 11 - 1997

Blood status

Muggle Born

Also known as
  • ArthurCh
  • Afonso A. B. Delgado
  • NPI - EAU student (formely)
Physical information




Hair colour

Light Brown

Eye colour

Dark Brown

Skin colour


Family members
  • Adelice (Mother)
  • Afonso (Father)
  • Thiago (Brother)
  • Ana (Sister)
Magical characteristics



16" Weasel Hair and Bertholletia excelsa


Fat Grizzly Bear




Hi, I want to help create and edit pages for the Harry Potter Wiki.

. Obvious.

. ArthurCh ~


  • Hey, have only one user from Brazil, me.
  • I like to get images, if you need a image send a message to me.

My Images

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