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Welcome to the Harry Potter Wiki Dueling Club. Here, fellow wikians on Harry Potter Wiki can duel using .

Game Rooms

Please do not disturb games already on progress. This is considered a violation to wiki rules.

Here is a list of game rooms available. Italicized rooms are already occupied. Please italicize a room when you start a game on it, and de-italicize when you finish.

Official Rooms

  • Room of Requirement

Player-Created Rooms

  • (Create your rooms here)



Players have the following attributes:

  • Health - 100
  • Magic Power - 100
  • Mastery - Starts at 0, goes unlimited


All spells in the article are being adapted. These spells may have diffrent effects: reducing health, the vital objective of the game, stunning the opponent, making the next spells less powerful, putting charms that disable certain spells, etc... Help is needed at to adapt the spells to the Dueling Club effects. Anyone may help!

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