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Hey my name is daniel im in the 8th grade my favorite tv show ever is south park im a harry potter fan i really like the books.My favorite house is slytherin i have a bunch of friends and my favorite tv shows are 1 South Park 2 Family Guy 3 Ed Edd n Eddy 4 Courage the cowardly dog. My favorite books are the gatekeepers series by anthony horowitz i pretend to like dragon ball z mainley cause my good friend wille is a huge fan of dragon ball z (allthough i kind of like it i just aint a huge fan).My favorite harry potter characters are 1 Slughorn 2 Luna 3 Snape 4 Harry 5 Neville.


i would be in slytherin allthough ide proabley join dumble doors army ide be like slug horn in that respect.


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Slytherin Quidditch team.

This user's favourite character isHorace Slughorn

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