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{{Slytherin individual infobox
<center>'''''~~ This user is no longer active on the Harry Potter Wiki. If you need assistance of some form, please seek out [[:Template:Activeusers|another user]]. ~~'''''</center>
|image=[[File:1337starUserImage1.jpg|Terrible self-portrait]]
|name= 1337star
|born= [[July 4]], [[1992]]
|blood= [[Muggle-born]]
|alias= ThestralMirror6181
|gender= Male
|height= approx. 5'10"
|hair= Brown
|eyes= Greenish-blue
|skin= Light
|wand= [[Maple]] and [[unicorn hair]], 11 3/4 in, surprisingly swishy
|house= [[Slytherin]]
|loyalty= [[Harry Potter Wiki]]
{{Quote|Rememeber, Firenze, we are sworn not to set ourselves against the heavens.|Bane, to Firenze in the Forbidden Forest.|Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone}}
==About me==
Hello, my name is... well, that's not important. You can call me 1337star or some variant thereof (just Star is an acceptable short form). I've been a huge Harry Potter fan since the first book, and I pride myself on knowing quite a bit about it. As I've learned so much about the series from this wiki, I feel I should try to give a little back.
Currently, I'm reading through the books again, and adding anything I see that is missing. I keep a [[User:1337star/Work|work page]] for larger endeavors. I tend to have a short attention span, and can often only edit a few articles at a time before getting bored. As an American, I may find that I fail to use British spellings and terms, though <s>I believe I have yet to do so.</s> Other than that, I consider myself to be at least a decent editor.
I have an account on Pottermore (username is in my infobox there) and on the Chamber of Secrets forums under this username.
==Pages I've created==
Note: This is edited sparingly, since editing it every time I make an article is both tedious and adds an unnecessarily large number of edits to my user page. '''Now with fancy scroll box!'''
{{Scroll box
*[[9 Fretdend]]
*[[Albus Dumbledore's pocket watch]]
*[[Andrew Williamson]]
*[[Angus McMangus]]
*[[Antidote to Butterbeer]]
*[[Anti-jinx varnish]]
*[[Anti-theft charm]]
*[[Apothecarium of Horace E. F. Slughorn]]
*[[April Fools' Day]]
*[[Aragog's Lair]]
*[[Auror training]]
*[[Barbershop near Little Whinging]]
*[[Barrier-sealing charm]]
*[[Betting shop]]
*[[Bewitched teapot]]
*[[Billy Stubbs's rabbit]]
*[[Bin Juice]]
*[[Black Death]]
*[[Black family ghoul]]
*[[Brewed glory]]
*[[British Wizarding Broadcasting Corporation]]
*[[Brown recluse]]
*[[Bursting mushroom]]
*[[Building society]]
*[[Butterfly Weed Balm]]
*[[Cauldron to badger]]
*[[Chocolate phoenix cake]]
*[[Comic Relief U.K. (in-universe)]]
*[[Comic Relief USA]]
*[[Conflagration Spell]]
*[[Counter-jinx for Jelly-Legs Jinx]]
*[[Creature models at the Lovegood house]]
*[[Crowd outside bakery in Surrey]]
*[[Dangerous vegetables patch]]
*[[Dementor dummy]]
*[[Dishwashing spell]]
*[[Downing Street]]
*[[Dragon pox cure]]
*[[Elderly wizard in an emerald-green cloak]]
*[[Elixir 7]]
*[[Enchanted boots]]
*[[English Gobstones Team]]
*[[Enlargement Charm]]
*[[Enlarging Spell]]
*[[Fancy hippogriff calendar]]
*[[Fat red toadstool]]
*[[Flailtail Snail]]
*[[Flower head]]
*[[Football card]]
*[[Francis Nolan]]
*[[Fruit bat]]
*[[Funnel web spider]]
*[[Gargoyle Strike of 1911]]
*[[Ghost's council]]
*[[Goblin family near Nottingham]]
*[[Goblin Plinth]]
*[[Golden liquid]]
*[[Gormless Morgan]]
*[[Gormless Morgan's boss]]
*[[Grand Sorcerer]]
*[[Grand Tour]]
*[[Grangers' dogs]]
*[[Grangers' sweet shop]]
*[[Guidelines on house-elf welfare]]
*[[Harry Potter Limited Edition]]
*[[Harry Potter: Diagon Alley Board Game]]
*[[Harry Potter's first Golden Snitch]]
*[[Hermione Granger's copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard]]
*[[Hogwarts student records]]
*[[Honeydukes Dark Chocolate]]
*[[House-elf armour]]
*[[Human to bat]]
*[[Human to pocket watch]]
*[[Human to yak]]
*[[Instant Darkness Powder]]
*[[Isodora Rose's wand]]
*[[Jelly Skull]]
*[[Jousting Tournament]]
*[[Law regarding ownership of charmed objects]]
*[[Lethal-looking metal instrument]]
*[[Living Dead]]
*[[Luminous rosette]]
*[[Magic lantern]]
*[[Merge ML Corporation Ltd.]]
*[[Merlin's book]]
*[[MinaLima Design]]
*[[Ministry of Magic Identity Card]]
*[[Ministry of Magic tannoy]]
*[[Moody family]]
*[[Mortis Bat]]
*[[Mysterious black liquid]]
*[[National anthem of the United Kingdom]]
*[[Office 323]]
*[[Parkinson family]]
*[[Partial Vanishment]]
*[[Peeves's contract]]
*[[Plimpy eye]]
*[[Plot to assassinate Peter Pettigrew]]
*[[Pointed purple crystal]]
*[[Poisoned vermin trap]]
*[[Poisoning Department]]
*[[Porcupine Robe]]
*[[Potato peeling spell]]
*[[Potion-making kit]]
*[[Pottermore (brand)]]
*[[Quiz show]]
*[[Rabbit to footstool]]
*[[Rancorous Carpe's trap]]
*[[Redback spider]]
*[[Replica of Godric Gryffindor's Sword]]
*[[Richly purple drink]]
*[[Rionach O'Neal]]
*[[Romanian socks]]
*[[Rolls Royce]]
*[[Rowle family]]
*[[Sacred Twenty-Eight]]
*[[Secret Cave]]
*[[Secret Muggle Room]]
*[[Self-Correcting Ink]]
*[[Self-peeling sprout]]
*[[Seven o'clock news]]
*[[Silver leafed tree]]
*[[Silvery liquid]]
*[[Snidget Sanctuary]]
*[[Soap Blizzard of 1378]]
*[[Spanish baggage-handlers' strike]]
*[[Special effects wizard]]
*[[Spider-like tweezers]]
*[[Spell to cure Wartcap powder infection]]
*[[Statue of Slytherin]]
*[[Swedish dragon reservation]]
*[[Tarantula hawk]]
*[[Teacher Plinth]]
*[[Teddy bear to spider]]
*[[The Daily Prophet's Bestseller List]]
*[[The Lady and the Unicorn]]
*[[The Tale of a Lazy Little Witch]]
*[[Tiptoe Through the Tulips]]
*[[Transfiguration Classroom Maze]]
*[[Travers family]]
*[[Undetectable Poisons]]
*[[Unexplored passage to Hogsmeade]]
*[[Unidentified male Charms Professor]]
*[[Unlocking O.W.L. Revision]]
*[[Vaults Guardian]]
*[[Water cannon car]]
*[[William I]]
*[[Wizard who killed a Chimaera]]
*[[Wonderbook: Book of Spells]]
*[[Woolly mammoth]]
*[[Wylex standard consumer unit]]
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{{User veil}}
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