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"Rememeber, Firenze, we are sworn not to set ourselves against the heavens."
—Bane, to Firenze in the Forbidden Forest.[src]

About me

Hello, my name is... well, that's not important. You can call me 1337star or some variant thereof (just Star is an acceptable short form). I've been a huge Harry Potter fan since the first book, and I pride myself on knowing quite a bit about it. As I've learned so much about the series from this wiki, I feel I should try to give a little back.

Currently, I'm reading through the books again, and adding anything I see that is missing. I keep a work page for larger endeavors. I tend to have a short attention span, and can often only edit a few articles at a time before getting bored. As an American, I may find that I fail to use British spellings and terms, though I believe I have yet to do so. Other than that, I consider myself to be at least a decent editor.

I have an account on Pottermore (username is in my infobox there) and on the Chamber of Secrets forums under this username.

Pages I've created

Note: This is edited sparingly, since editing it every time I make an article is both tedious and adds an unnecessarily large number of edits to my user page. Now with fancy scroll box!


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