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  • GinChoHerLuna* is the User Name of Kathryn K. on the website of [1]

Basic Information

Full Name: Kathryn K. (NOTICE: Last name is not being provided for security purposes) Gender: Female Age: 13 Birthday: February 4th Location: United States Family: Mother, Father, Younger Sister Pets: Dog-Emily Rabbit-Boo Boo Fish-Fish Fish Friends: Several Best Friend: Leah Rachael School: Private


Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green Stature: Tall Width: Skinny Freckled: Slightly Skin: Light Golden


Kathryn is usually a shy girl, but will warm up to you eventually. She is very cautious and can get extremely wild and crazy with her friends. Her mother is the same way and tends to designate herself as Jeeves or Britney Spears for fun. Kathryn has done some pretty crazy things like drive backwards through the Drive Thru at Krispy Kreme with her mom. Kathryn is also very artistic and is known by her peers for her talent at writing.


Friends describe Kathryn as fun, flirty, loyal, hyper, smart, creative, sweet, and ũber stylish.

Life Ambitions

Kathryn hopes one day to become a famous model but at the present time is very excited about her upcoming Harry Potter website that she hopes will be as famous as The Leaky Cauldron and Muggle Net.

Her Teeth

Kathryn is very touchy about her teeth and the fact that they are not perfectly straight. She is very much looking forward to her dentist appointment in June where an orthodontist will evaluate whether or not she needs braces. She is hoping for the orthodontist to say yes (which equals a positve outcome after all).

If Kathryn does indeed get braces she is hoping for glow in the dark, purple and white, pink and white, or just plain pink or purple.

Her User Name

Kathryn is an avid and devoted fan of Harry Potter movies and books. She chose her name based on her favourite charactors: Ginny, Cho, Hermione, and Luna. If she were to be enrolled at Hogwarts she would be deeply honoured to be in either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.


Kathryn is eager towards this website and hopes her devotion will bring many rewards in the future.

The Puppets

Kathryn is in love with the Potter Puppet Pals. Please do check them out on YouTube if you haven't done so already.

The Neighbours

Kathryn is thrilled with her neighbours and shares a fondness and obsession of Harry Potter with them.

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