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  • I live in Australia
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About Me

Hello, i'm 'Ogwarts and I'm a Half-Blood. My dad's a wizard, while my mums a muggle. I'm a really big Harry Potter fan and always will be, I've got everything, wands, books, movies, toys, ect. My patronus is a Wolf, and can't wait till Pottermore is released in October. My house is Gryffindor (proved by four online tests) and hate people who think their huge Harry Potter fans, but ain't. I know almost everything about Harry Potter, from spells to people and potions to history, quiz me if you like but please don't quiz me on other stuff like Twilight and Pokemon because it just won't work out. It's offensive when someone calls me a You-Know-What, and says I'm a muggle. I really want to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter but I live in Australia and it's hundreds of kilometres away. I've never met anyone who hasn't seen, read, or heard of Harry Potter. I will plan to do more editing in the future and make this the best Wiki on the internet, not counting the Wikipedia.

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All of them!!
Hogwarts coa

Hogwarts Crest

Wand Core

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