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"I hexed the man who came for it. I’d like to see him fly with his knees on back to front, the great hairy hog."
—Excerpt from Gertie Keddle's diary[src]

There were unnamed Kwidditch players, probably living on the edge of Queerditch Marsh in Manchester, England[1] in the 11th century. They were playing Kwidditch, and their game took place over the marsh, between two trees, serving as a primitive form of modern goal posts, and was recorded by Gertie Keddle in her diary. Each of them had his own flying broomstick. Their leather ball (an early equivalent of today's Quaffle) accidentally fell into Keddle's bowl of cabbage and through her window. She was so angry she jinxed one of the players, who flew for it.[2] These people are the first documented wizards to play the oldest form of contemporary broomstick game called Quidditch.


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