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The United States League is a Quidditch tournament held in the United States of America. The Fitchburg Finches have won this cup at least seven times. The League was formed in the late 1700s shortly after the United States became an independent country.

==Teams: (Both real and fan made) ==

There are only two teams that were ever mentioned in any Harry Potter related text but some have wanted more teams to appear in this league due to the American's love of the Harry Potter book series.

There would be a total of ten teams in the league if it had more publication (probably). Half of the teams are New England based while the other half would be scattered throughout the remainer of the country.

New England Teams:

§ Fitchburg Finches

§ Manchester United

§ New London Lighters

§ Salem Witches

§ Waterville Windstorms

Continental Teams:

§ Auburn Aeronautics

§ Bismarck Blasts

§ Ithaca Infernos

§ San Mateo Jinxes

§ Sweetwater All-Stars

Team Information

===Fitchburg Finches: ===

The Fitchburg Finches are based in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. They are the only team to be registered to have actually won the league in any text. They are rivals with the Salem Witches and have won a majority of the games against the Salem Witches. Ariel Singleton is their star seeker. Their robes are violent violet and sterling gold.

===Manchester United: ===

The Manchester United team is based in Manchester, New Hampshire. The team name originated due to the fact the team wanted to mimic the Puddlemere United's dominant abilities. Any real team called Manchester United anywhere in the world is a conspiracy theory and probably has wizards on the team. They are famous for having Maximus Brankovitch III as their seeker. Their robes are crimson red and navy blue.

===New London Lighters: ===

The New London Lighters are based in New London, Connecticut. In 1895 there was a push by the fans to change the team name to the New London Lightning but it was overruled. Greg Ruczinski is their star beater. Their robes are stunning yellow and electric blue.

===Salem Witches: ===

The Salem Witches are based in Salem, Massachusetts. Acting similarly to the Holyhead Harpies of Britain; only females are allowed to play on the team. They are long time rivals with the Fitchburg Finches due to the fact that both teams compete for fans in the same state. Debbie Muntz is their star chaser. Their robes are midnight black and royal blue.

===Waterville Windstorms: ===

The Waterville Windstorms are based in Waterville, Maine. The team tends to play worse in optimal conditions than in rain, snow, hail and gusts. They have a long-standing rivalry with the Sweetwater All-Stars due to the fact that both teams have the term water in their names. Robert Green is their star chaser. Their robes are stormy gray and aqua green.

===Auburn Aeronautics: ===

The Auburn Aeronautics are based in Auburn, Alabama. The team is well renowned for its spectacular display of acrobatics during games. These excessive acrobatics tend to lead the team to lose a majority of its games. The team was originally the Albany Air Strikers in Albany, New York but moved and changed their name to increase fans. Troy Duvall is their star beater. Their robes are sunset orange and titanium white.

===Bismarck Blasts: ===

The Bismarck Blasts are based in Bismarck, North Dakota. The team tends to have German-American wizards as their players but no one is sure why this is. The team was originally the Baltimore Blasts in Baltimore, Maryland but moved to increase fans. Ralph Heidelberger is their star keeper. Their robes are sterling sliver and proud red.

===Ithaca Infernos: ===

The Ithaca Infernos are based in Ithaca, New York. This is the only team to ever have their stadium burned down after an unfortunate lost game by enraged fans. This is the only team outside of New England to stay in their originating city. They have had very little success in the league. Their star player is beater Troy Duvall. Their robes are fire red and burning yellow.

===San Mateo Jinxes: ===

The San Mateo Jinxes are based in San Mateo, California. In the early days of the league the team was constantly caught cheating in several games. The team was originally the Jamestown Jinxes in Jamestown, Virginia but moved to please fans on the west coast. Even though there is no evidence, fans of opposing teams claim the Jinxes still cheat. Their robes are bright green and flashy orange.

===Sweetwater All-Stars: ===

The Sweetwater All-Stars are based in Sweetwater, Texas. Their main rivals are the Waterville Windstorms but have started to recognize Manchester United as a rival too. Sweetwater and Manchester have become two of the most dominant teams in the league. The team was originally the Philadelphia Flyers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but moved and changed their name to please fans in the south mid-west. Their star player is chaser Gianni Fedele. Their robes are turquoise blue and mahogany red.


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