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Unidentified registered Animagus

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This woman (fl. 1991) was a witch and one of the seven registered Animagi of the twentieth century[1], taking the form of a black cat. This witch was a patron of the Leaky Cauldron. [2]

Behind the scenes

Cat Animagus

Her Animagus form.

  • Notably, the way this witch morphs into her Animagus form differs noticeably from the other Animagi in the game (Sirius Black, Rita Skeeter, Peter Pettigrew and Minerva McGonagall). While the latter first shrink in size and then transform into their respective Animagus form, the unidentified witch transforms in a puff of blue smoke.


Notes and references

  1. She transforms in the middle of a crowded Leaky Cauldron, and given that the punishment for being unregistered is Azkaban, it would seem that she is registered.
  2. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Year 1 (The Magic Begins)

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