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Unidentified portrait in Malfoy Manor (I)

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Portrait Malfoy Manor 1
Unidentified portrait
Biographical information

Before 1997 (possibly)[1]

Blood status

Pure-blood (possibly)[2]

Physical information




Family information
Family members

Malfoy family (possibly)[3]


Malfoy family

This portrait of a witch hung in Malfoy Manor during 1997 and 1998, while the house was being used as Lord Voldemort's headquarters. The portrait witnessed the death of Charity Burbage and other meetings Lord Voldemort held with his Death Eaters.

Behind the scenes

  • The individual in this portrait may have died prior to 1997, because many portraits depict deceased individuals. In addition, the individual's clothing seems to support this.
  • It is possible that she is Abraxas Malfoy's wife. If so, she is Lucius Malfoy's mother and Draco Malfoy's paternal grandmother.
  • This portrait is loosley based off of Frances Radclyffe Countess of Sussex.


Notes and references

  1. It is possible the individual depicted in this portrait died prior to 1997, because portraits commonly depict deceased individuals. The portrait's clothing also supports this.
  2. The Malfoys were pure-blood supremacists, so it is likely the individual in this portrait is a pure-blood, because it was hung in their house. In addition, the portrait was hung in the house while it was used as Lord Voldemort's headquarters, increasing the likelihood this individual is a pure-blood.
  3. The portrait was hung in Malfoy Manor, so it is possible this individual is a Malfoy.

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