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{{Ministry Level 2 employees}}
{{Ministry Level 2 employees}}
[[es:Auror masculino no identificado en Hogwarts]]
[[Category:Aurors|male Auror at Hogwarts]]
[[Category:Aurors|male Auror at Hogwarts]]
[[Category:Battle of the Astronomy Tower participants|Auror at Hogwarts]]
[[Category:Battle of the Astronomy Tower participants|Auror at Hogwarts]]

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This male Auror was stationed at Hogwarts Castle's Entrance Hall during June of 1997. During the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, when the Death Eaters burst through the Entrance Hall in their escape, this Auror was blown away by Severus Snape with another spell when his back was turned.[1] He apparently had not noticed the Death Eaters in the Castle.

Behind the scenes


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