"We are not all like the traitor Firenze, human girl"
—Unidentified hard-faced centaur[src]

This centaur lived in the Forbidden Forest Centaur colony during the 1995-1996 school year. He resented the centaur Firenze going to work for Albus Dumbledore, and considered it going "into servitude to humans."[1] After Rubeus Hagrid saved Firenze, this centaur with the other centaurs kicked both Firenze and Hagrid out, and resented Hagrid's giant half-brother Grawp.

Centaur: "What are you doing in our forest? Why are you here?"
Umbridge: "'Your' forest? I would remind you that you live here only because the Ministry of Magic permits you certain areas of land-"
— hard-faced centaur and Dolores Umbridge[src]

Later that year, the centaur with his allies attacked Dolores Umbridge, when she entered their area of the forest, and took Umbridge when she called centaurs "of near-human intelligence." After ridding themselves of Umbridge, this centaur and another tried to decide what to do with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger who had insulted them, despite the latter's protests. Fortunately, this centaur and the others were scared off by Grawp.[2]


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