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Madam Rosmerta: "— and stay out! Oh, hello, Albus… you're out late"
Albus Dumbledore: "Good evening, Rosmerta, good evening… forgive me, I'm off to the Hog's Head… no offence, but I feel like a quieter atmosphere tonight…"
Madam Rosmerta forcibly ejects this wizard from the Three Broomsticks Inn.[src]

This grubby-looking wizard (fl. 1997) used to be a customer at the Three Broomsticks Inn until the evening of 30 June, 1997, when he was forcibly ejected from the Inn by Madam Rosmerta for undisclosed reasons.[1]


Notes and references

  1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Chapter 25 (The Seer Overheard)

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