Wandkeepers are individuals employed by Garrick Ollivander[3] to run the various[citation needed] branches of Ollivanders located throughout wizarding Britain, especially Hogsmeade, and to a further extent, the main store in Diagon Alley, while the wandmaker is away.

Magical abilities and skills

In order to be eligible for the job title of Wandkeeper, the person in question must have an expertise in the following:


Notes and references

  1. A callsheet for auditions for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan (transcription here) lists the wandkeeper at Ollivanders as being portrayed as between his mid-40s and 60s.
  2. He refers to a custumer's tattoos as "Odd Muggle... stuff" and when a young girl refers to "the film" he says "I have no idea what you're talking about". He also refers to a thumbs-up as "Muggle for 'yes'". As such, it is unlikely he grew up among Muggles.
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