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Unidentified Male Death Eater (III)

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This Death Eater served Lord Voldemort during the Second Wizarding War, and fought in several battles.



The Death Eater among Voldemort's forces.

He was one of the Death Eaters who participated in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries in June of 1996. He briefly restrained Ronald Weasley, then fought against the Order of the Phoenix when they arrived. Afterwards, he was captured and sent to Azkaban.

He later escaped and participated in the Battle of the Seven Potters. He also fought in the Battle of Hogwarts in May of 1998. It is unknown if he survived the battle, although if he lived, it is likely he was captured and sent back to Azkaban.

Physical appearance

This Death Eater had curly brown hair and a greying beard. His face was heavily scarred.

Behind the Scenes

Voldemort in the forbidden forest

This Death Eater standing with several others in the Forbidden Forest.


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