he Unidentified Magical Statue was a bronze statue depicting a woman sitting on a pedestal, located in Paris. It served as entrance to Montmartre and the wizarding part of Paris.[1] To non-magical individuals, the statue would appear as any ordinary statue, but when a magical individual was near, the statue would become animated, providing entrance to Paris' counterpart of Diagon Alley. The statue comes to life when approached by wizards and witches — the statue would move its leg and dress away from the pedestal it was set on, opening the passage[1].


In 1927, Porpentina Goldstein, Newton Scamander and Jacob Kowalski used the statue entrance to enter the street.

Behind the scenes

  • Opera-garnier-visoterra-66274

    Original Artwork, Magic Statue

    The statue is not known to have any real-world counterpart.
  • The name of the sculpture could be derived from the real sculpture of the statue that is located in the Paris Opera. It is a statue called "Pythia," which is a representation of the Delphi pythoness.


Notes and references