"I well remember the time when, during a particularly satisfying sojourn with some fans of mine in the wilds of Essex, I offered to clear a pathway in their quaint, suburban yard (I quail from terming this square of scrub and turf a 'garden'), which had been ubiquitously blocked by several Horklumps."
Gilderoy Lockhart, Marauding with Monsters[src]

This quaint suburban yard belonged to some fans of Gilderoy Lockhart's. It was located in the wilds of Essex, and it was deemed by Lockhart a "square of scrub and turf", in comparison to his eight acre-long and well manicured garden.

In Marauding with Monsters, Gilderoy Lockhart wrote of the sojourn he spent in these fans' house. He claimed to have ridden his fans' yard of Horklumps.[1] The veracity of these claims is doubtful, as Lockhart was known to have stolen other wizard's achievements. Yet it is not entirely impossible, as the Horklump has a Ministry classification of one star; the only other creature with this insulting classification being the infamous Flobberworm.


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